The 6 Great Countries to Travel by Rail

The 6 Great Countries to Travel by Rail

Planes have connected the world in marvelous ways and cars are certainly the most convenient mode of transport once you’ve landed. But when it comes to accessing many of the planet’s truly unexpected and beautiful places, trains are still the ultimate option.


Here’s a List of the Best Countries to Travel by Rail


India has always held  a certain allure for adventure-seekers and romantics. A train trip across the country will show you precisely why. From the snowy mountain caps of the Himalayas in the north, to the misty, rainy Western Ghats, to the deserts of Rajasthan, India can showcase some of the world’s best scenery.


The United States

The United States Pacific Coast is home to spectacular ocean views. Travel from Seattle down to Los Angeles, and you can expect to see serene coastlines, majestic mountains, pristine forest valleys, as well as lakes and rivers. 


South Africa

Get an intimate taste of South Africa’s dramatic landscape by traveling from Pretoria in the north, to Cape Town in the south. The train trip will take you past waterfalls, sunflower farms and flocks of wild ostrich. You’ll also pass through the Karoo Desert, and see gorgeous vineyards before stopping beneath Table Mountain: the pride of Cape Town. 



Visit Norway for a trip along the famous Bergen Line, where your journey will pass unforgettable fjords, glaciers, and snow-capped mountains. You’ll also cross Europe’s largest mountain plateau.



Head down under for a tour of Australia’s sometimes harsh, though undeniably beautiful landscape. A trip from Adelaide to Darwin will cross vineyards and deserts, and take you past mountains, gorges and kangaroos.



No list of the world’s best countries to travel by train would be complete without Japan. Here, your voyage can take you past the fabled, white snow-capped Mount Fuji: an almost perfectly shaped volcano.


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