6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Adventure Holidays in Ethiopia

6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Adventure Holidays in Ethiopia

Across the world, the Simian Mountains are known for their beauty and are the perfect backdrop for trekking.

The scenery of beautiful mountains makes Ethiopia a perfect destination for adventure tours.

Nowadays, adventure tours are a popular option. Travelers want to visit historical places and famous destinations. Along with all this, people are also taking interest in experiencing the adrenaline-pumping fun of these breathtaking sporty activities.

If you are one who always avoids going on these tours, then...


Read about the 6 most compelling reasons why you should go on a trekking & hiking holiday in Ethiopia.

Challenge Yourself

Do you remember the last time you pushed yourself to complete a challenging task? “NO”, then you will definitely have many occasions on these amazing holidays, where you can test your ability and see how far you can push yourself. This is the best thing about these tours.


Beat The Fear

Everyone has a secret fear ranging from fear of heights, fire, water, etc. Of course you are no exception. So, why don’t you take your fear as a challenge? Here you have a great chance to beat your old fears on these trips. Don’t let it go, be brave and show yourself that you are stronger than your fear.


Amazing Experience

An amazing travel story can inspire others and motivates them to do something similar. You definitely enjoy listening to your friends’ travel stories many times but now it‘s time to make your own. There is no doubt that you will return from your holidays with a great experience, lovely memories and an inspiring travel story.


Do Something New

Don’t you get bored doing the same old things? Come on, and try something new that you have never experienced before. Break the norms of vacation tours and set a new horizon. On the adventure holidays, you will get options to enjoy thrilling outdoor activities.


Have Fun With Learning

Not only will you enjoy the tasks set on the trip, but you will also learn so many new and unbelievable things related to place and activities. Here you can get a chance to understand the culture of the local people and the importance of their traditions.



In Ethiopia,  many service providers are available, who offer quality adventure vacation packages at affordable prices. You don’t need to worry about the trip. They will take care of your safety and give you their quality services. So, you can enjoy the vacation with no worries.

If you are also looking for a great place, where you can enjoy with your family, then this can be the best option for you. It is the place where you not only enjoy the outdoor adventurous activities, but you will also get a chance to be closer to the unique culture of Ethiopia.


So, what are you waiting for? Book your tour in the Simien Mountains now and get ready for the best experience of your life.