5 Things You Should Know About Dubai

5 Things You Should Know About Dubai

You might have heard a lot of stories about Dubai from your friends or family who have been to the city and you might have been led to believe that the city is very strict and one step out of line might land you in prison.

Though Dubai is not as strict as you have been made to believe, there are some laws and rules that are unusual and about which you should be aware before leaving for the city.

Apart from the rules and laws of the city, Dubai is one of the most luxurious tourist destinations and its popularity has only soared in the past 10 years. The sun shining in the city all year round and many tourist attractions, dining options, shopping malls and festivals has been successfully inviting tourists from all around the world into the city.


We Have Made a List of Things That You Should Know Before Visiting the City

What to Wear

If you are a female visiting the city, you should be dressed modestly, which means clothing that covers your shoulders and legs while strolling around in public places. However, you can wear beachwear while in public beach areas, hotels and resorts. It is also recommended to cover up your shoulders to and from the venues, if you are planning to visit a beach club or nightclub. It will help you prevent causing an offence and unwanted attention. Keep a pashmina with you at all times to cover yourself up in public places. Men should also wear a top, unless they are visiting a beach area.


The Best Time to Visit

Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the largest crowd-gathering events in the world, pulling almost 4 million people for the month-long shopping extravaganza. Dubai Shopping Festival was initially started to boost the retail trade of the United Arab Emirates in 1996 and it has only become more popular since then. Also, as the Dubai Shopping Festival is held during January, every year, it is the best time to visit Dubai as the weather is warm and pleasant. You should avoid visiting the city during summer months as the temperature soars up to 48 degrees with high levels of humidity.



Tipping anywhere in the world is common and this should not change in Dubai. Tipping your waiter, driver, hotel staff and valets for good service means you appreciate their hard work and should be generous. However, before tipping people for their service, it is highly recommended that you check the bill in restaurants, as some high-end dining places add 10% gratuity, automatically, to the bill. If you want to tip someone, make sure it is at least 10% of what your bill is and paying cash is highly appreciated, instead of adding tip on credit card receipts.


Talking in Arabic is Not Necessary

If you are a tourist and you are staying at a 4 or 5-star hotel in Dubai, the staff of the hotel will speak to you in English. Dubai is a place with a large expat population and many high-end hotels employ staff who can speak German, Russian, Arabic as well as Chinese, to accommodate those who cannot speak English. If you happen to come across an expat and ask them if speaking Arabic in the city is necessary, ‘no’ will be their reply.


Getting Around Places

Taxis in Dubai are readily available across the city and are comparatively inexpensive from its Western counterparts. You can take a trip of 40 km, from Dubai International Airport to Dubai Marina and it will only cost you AED 80 to 100. You can even come across taxis that have credit card payment systems, but it is always best to carry cash to avoid any risk. You can hire a taxi if you find a green sign at the top with the words ‘Vacant’ is lit. You can even rent a car in Dubai or hire an Uber through its mobile app, which will need working data on your phone.


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