5 Things You Should Do When Visiting the USA

5 Things You Should Do When Visiting the USA

You probably have some ideas about what you want to experience while you are visiting the US.

Popular Hollywood movies and TV shows have probably helped you with this, but before you visit this country you really need to make a list of things you want to see and experience.

The main reason behind this is that you want be able to see everything, since there are many urban and natural attractions that deserve your attention. Not to mention the things you can do, for instance visiting the Super Bowl, which stands as the epitome of the sports scene, or the thrilling NBA games during the basketball season.

This is why I have put together this list of things you absolutely have to experience in order to get a taste of that American spirit.


Visit a Sports Game

If you love sports, visiting the US is the right choice. Americans love their sports so much that going to games has become a standard part of the culture. Sporting events have become a standard way for Americans to catch some entertainment; it doesn’t matter which event you choose to visit.

Basketball, baseball, football and hockey are hugely popular and you will have a chance to experience the energy of a stadium full of people cheering and enjoying themselves. Since sports are very popular, make sure to reserve your tickets in advance. Look for a cheap sports tickets online to save some extra money you can spend on other attractions.

If you get the chance, visit Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. This is the oldest Major League Baseball ballpark and the home of the Boston Red Sox. This is the place where baseball legends like Babe Ruth and Ted Williams took up the bat for the first time as professional sportsmen. It is preserved to look just like it did 100 years ago.


Take a Trip Through the Grand Canyon

This magnificent canyon is located in the state of Arizona. It is a beautiful example of Nature’s handiwork that attracts thousands of visitors each year. And it is huge! It is 18 miles wide, 277 miles long and over a mile-deep canyon. You can enjoy some of the breathtaking views or take a hike into the canyon.

You can also book an adventure that will take you floating on the Colorado river, which resides in a traditional Navajo home. Also, there are many crystal-clear natural pools that you can see as you go through the canyon.


Visit Yellowstone National Park

This national park is yet another natural wonder that you can visit while you are staying in the US. There are many agencies that offer specially designed tours to meet the needs of tourists. Some of them will take you on a wildlife walk. You will have the once in a lifetime chance to hike and track wolves, spot moose and enjoy looking at bison herds.

While you are visiting Yellowstone, you will see many natural geysers and hot springs. The most famous one is the Old Faithful geyser.


Climb up to the Crown at the Statue of Liberty

If you are more of urban tourist type the copper statue at New York Harbor’s entrance is just the thing for you. Yes, I’m talking about the Statue of Liberty. This 150 feet tall statue has been standing there greeting cruise passengers and penniless immigrants since 1886.

You can book any of the statue cruises trips and climb up to the crown. You will have a stunning overlook on New York’s landscape and coastline. While you are at it, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Immigration Museum and Ellis Island.


Don’t Forget to Visit the French Quarter

The French quarter is a unique place that came into existence by the collision of several completely different cultures. It is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. You will have the chance to walk down the cobblestone corridors and enjoy the lavish courtyard gardens. The history of this city is very rich and it is very famous for its musical heritage – jazz and blues.

The French quarter is certainly one of the several American icons which you have to experience. If you want to have a great view of this quarter, make sure to catch a ride on the Canal Street Ferry to the Algiers.


Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many wonderful things you can do while staying in the US. If you don’t have the chance to travel from coast to coast, make sure to do detailed research about the area you are staying in. There are many articles to be found on the web that you can read to get more information about a specific area or site.

I’m sure there will be many amazing experiences waiting for you just around the corner.