5 Things You Must See In Baltimore, Maryland

5 Things You Must See In Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is a city steeped in history and culture. The city has evolved into a very lively city and is a must see for any tourist who visits the United States of America.


5 Top Things to See In Baltimore Maryland 

Fort McHenry

This fort is soaked in history. The US Park Service Rangers show us how our freedom was protected here. For the people who love guns and other such paraphernalia, the Fort McHenry Guards put on a wonderful musket and artillery demonstration. The Guards alos perform drills which are an added attraction here. Children will love to see the uniforms that were worn during that time. The Fort is also a learning experience as it is part of an inspiring story related to our National Anthem. It has emerged that Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner while watching the flag flying on the Fort.


Washington Monument

Baltimore’s most famous attraction is the Washington Monument at Mount Vernon Place. It is believed that Baltimore was the first to honor George Washington by ordering the monument’s construction. During Christmas the monument is all lit up, there are firework displays and concerts and a lot of people come up to enjoy the festivities. The restoration work was completed recently and the monument was rededicated to the nation.


Baltimore Museum of Art

For the art lover, the Baltimore Museum is a treasure trove. There are many collections from different continents. There are many African and Asian collections. Ancient American art works find a place of honor here. For the sculpture enthusiast, there are two courtyard gardens where you can find a lot of sculptures. The Museum also regularly conducts temporary exhibitions where you can check out wonderful exhibits. Admission to the Baltimore Museum of Art is free.


Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

This museum is the brainchild of Steve Geppi who has collected pop culture items throughout the years. You can find your favorite comics from the ages here. This is a must visit for people of all ages. Old people can relive their memories and for the younger ones, comics are always a godsend. Everything is arranged in chronological order and you can enjoy your time here. The happy faces that you see here are enough to make your day.


National Aquarium

A must visit for the marine life lover. The National Aquarium is a favorite destination for children.  You can view fish and other marine life that are native to Maryland as well as marine life from other far flung locations. The most attractive feature of the aquarium is the shark and dolphin enclosure. The aquarium even has an after dark program which is quite popular.


There are other destinations that you can visit such as the Peabody Music Library, Jewish Museum of Maryland, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Baltimore, Green Mount Cemetery, Walters Art Museum etc.

However, the above mentioned five destinations are the must see places because it offers something for everybody regardless of age or gender. If you are a large group of tourists then you should charter a bus and visit these destinations.