5 Reasons Why Peru is Perfect for Family Travelers

5 Reasons Why Peru is Perfect for Family Travelers

Peru is a wonderful destination for families with children of all ages.

The country is home to several World Heritage Sites, and children are welcome at most events and establishments throughout the nation. This year, pack your bags and immerse yourself in one of the most diverse, historically rich countries in the world.


Here are just some of the reasons why we think a Peru vacation is a good idea.

Outdoor Adventures

Peru offers outdoor enthusiasts plenty of room to explore as one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world. Along with the Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest, Peru is home to deserts, floating islands and mountainous lakes. Family-style adventures include swimming with pink dolphins, visiting penguins and biking through the desert.


The Rich History of Peru

Peru's vibrant history attracts thousands of tourists to the country every year. Explore the remains of past civilizations by visiting the Incan and Mayan ruins scattered across the country, or if you have older children you can visit a world famous site like Sacred Valley or Machu Picchu to experience the wonders of the ancient world firsthand. Kid-friendly sites, including beaches, are widely available to provide you with a range of options for exploring the diverse landscape.


Welcoming Hospitality

The people of Peru are friendly and welcoming and the nation is very child-friendly. While cities like Lima are fast-paced, smaller villages are a kid-friendly option to interact with locals if you know a few lines of basic Spanish. Most locals are happy to share stories or talk with people of all ages, offering your family a cultural experience to remember. 


Relaxed Atmosphere

The relaxed pace of rural Peru is a welcome change for families. Rural villages usually don't have a lot of modern amenities like fast food restaurants, but the wonderfully diverse local cuisine, beautiful landscape and wealth of outdoor activities make these locations the perfect opportunity for families to unplug and reconnect.


Handmade in Peru

Don't forget to visit local artisans and marketplaces while in Peru. Some of the world's most beautiful woven goods, including colorful, tapestry-like bags, blankets and clothing are found here. Visit local markets with your family to watch traditional weaving, explore the local food and pick up mementos. Modern alpaca, a wool made from llamas, is also a specialty of the region.


The rich cultural heritage, beautiful scenery and friendly people make this destination perfect for summer vacations. Whether you explore villages or head for the mountains, your family can leave refreshed and reconnected thanks to the relaxed pace of Peru.