5 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam in the Green Season

5 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam in the Green Season

Since Vietnam is so long and thin, weather and climate tends to be a pretty complicated business.

It might be dry and sunny in one place at the same time as being chilly and rainy somewhere else - and it's never just as simple as winter = cold, summer = hot.

Broadly speaking, "peak season" in Vietnam extends from November through March, and this is when the vast majority of tourists choose to visit. In this post, however, we've put together six excellent reasons to think outside the box and consider travelling during the wet season, or "green season" as we prefer to call it.


1. There are fewer crowds

An obvious advantage to travelling to Vietnam in low season is that there are far fewer tourists - which means there are fewer crowds at all the major sights, and you'll have more opportunities to interact with the local people. For many travellers, this reason alone is enough to persuade them to travel out of season!


2. It's cheaper

Another fortuitous upshot of there being fewer tourists in Vietnam during the green season is that there is less demand for flights, hotels and other services, which in turn leads to reduced rates across the board. Since these can be some of the biggest expenses of your holiday, the savings you make by travelling off-peak can be considerable.


3. Everything looks nicer

Sometimes, in our antipathy towards the rain, we forget that it serves an actual purpose besides the inconveniencing of holidaymakers: it makes everything grow. Areas that can become arid and parched in the heat of summer are transformed by the rain into leafy, lovely views during the rainy season - which is, of course, why we call it the "green" season.


4. Storms can be awesome

The weather doesn't have to be a downside of the rainy season. In fact, if you come from somewhere meek and mild like the UK, the bombastic thunderstorms, torrential downpours and moody, dramatic cloud formations that come with the rainy season can really be quite impressive.

Travelling is about experiencing something different from our everyday lives, after all


5. It's not as rainy as you think

For all but the very rainiest weeks of the year, the rainy season in Vietnam really isn't as rainy as you might think. For the most part, the rain comes in short, heavy downpours that clear up almost as soon as they have arrived - and the majority of the day is often perfectly clear and pleasant. In fact, the showers can even provide a bit of respite from the heat!