5 Reasons To Choose Scotland For Your Next Break

5 Reasons To Choose Scotland For Your Next Break

We love our little island dearly, and so we could give you 101 reasons to choose Scotland as your next travel destination.

However, we thought that we better limit our choices to the 5 best reasons to come to Scotland on your next break.

We promise that you won't be dissapointed.


1. History

If you're interested in history or hertiage in the slightest, then we can guarentee that Scotland will have something that will be of interest to you. From national landmarks such as Edinburgh and Stiriing Castles, Scone Palace and Skara Brae, to little known treasures such as the Calanis Standing Stones and Inchmahone Priory, there are sites to peak everyone's interest. This little island is home to beautifully worked religious buildings, intimidatingly inspiring medieval fortifications and monuments, and mysterious ancient pictish sites, all of which sit side by side and give Scotland her air of ancient pride. 

For more information on what sites can be found in each area why not check out www.historic-scotland.gov.uk, which has the most comprehensive breakdown of all historical sites in Scotland, alongside all the travel information that you could ever need.


2. Natural World

If stunning scenery and the oppotunity to get lost in nature is more your thing then Scotland can provide. People from all over the world flock to the country precisely because of her bold, majestic scenery and her changable moods and stunning views. Whether you're looking for mountains, lochs, valleys or seas, Scotland has them all. Hikers love the mountain ranges that traverse the country, from the Munnros to Cairngorms, and divers love exploring the waters of the Northern and Western Isles, as well as a loch or two! For those who like a more sedate pace of life, there are countless walking, biking and riding trails that offer the chance to escape civilisation completely and take in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The wildlife deserves a mention as well, here is Scotland you might very well come face to face with a herd of deer, or spend hours birdwatching for rare species, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


3. Food and Drink

Scottish people have a deep appreciation of good food and drink, and we have a few national dishes of our own that are worth a try! Edinburgh is packed with high class, sophisticated eatieries, and Glasgow has some of the best gastropubs in the entirity of the UK. Let us not forget all the wonderful local, traditonal pubs and bars in and around the smaller towns and villages that are the highlight of many a visitor's stay. You might also be brave and try some of our more interesting delicies, such as haggis, black pudding and the infamous deep fried mars bar. However, if you're feeling squemish, then we would advise sticking to the whiskey instead, there's nowhere that does it better.


4. Events

For a small country we manage to pack a lot in! Scotland is really revving up a gar or two in the events stakes. This year alone you could take part in the Homecoming Celebrations that are taking place all over the country and include a variety of interests such as food, drink, art, culture, dance etc. If big events are your thing then you could come and see the Ryder Cup or the MTV EMAs, both of which Scotland is hosting this year. Or, if smaller events take your fancy, then you really are spoilt for choice with the amount of food, art, music and cultural festivals that take place throughout the year all over the land.


5. Hospitality

Last, but not least, come for the hospitality. There is a reason that the entire world loves the Scots as a nation: we're really genuine, lovely folk. We can guarentee a warm welcome, some new drinking buddies and a heck of a lot of stories to go home with!


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