5 North American Vacation Spots For Solo Travelers

5 North American Vacation Spots For Solo Travelers

One of the best times to travel is when you're single and aren't tied down to another person.

Traveling will allow you to have more experiences and develop new found independence before you find a partner. When you want to have a grand adventure, there are many vacation spots to visit while single. Here are 5 very different, but good spots for your solo travel list.


5 Places to Visit For The Solo Traveler

1. New York City

New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the world for the high levels of energy and the long list of sites that are available. You can have panoramic views of the city by visiting The Empire State Building, which offers the chance to photograph the skyscrapers. Times Square is the most popular area in the city where you can view electronic billboards and hail a cab. As a single in the city, you have the flexibility to roam where you want each day and avoid sticking to a strict itinerary. Consider ordering dessert at Serendipity or taking a walk through Central Park.

When you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, visit Brooklyn by accessing the bridge where you can find quaint restaurants and urban shops.


2. Capitol Reef National Park

Spend time in the great outdoors where you can hike, horseback ride, and go bike riding while surrounded by beautiful scenery. Visit Capitol Reef National Park to view the red rock formations, alpine forests, and vast canyons that are present. You'll get the chance to go on ATV tours and spend time hunting or fishing when you want to stay busy and not feel held back.


3. Oahu

Oahu is the perfect place when you want to have a single’s getaway and want a few thrills on a tropical island. You can zip line through the lush forests during the day and go club hopping in the downtown area at night for a change of scenery. Oahu will also be the perfect place to lay out on the beach and get a tan before taking surf lessons in the water and catching a few waves. The island is known as a melting pot where you'll get the chance to meet different people from different states in the U.S.


4. San Ignacio Town, Belize

San Ignacio Town is known for its turquoise waters and white sand beaches where the Mayan ruins are situated. You can learn about the history of the area before taking a canoe ride on the Macal River where different types of wildlife are present. It's considered one of the most peaceful places in the world that will allow you to recharge and have an escape. Different types of attractions are also present at San Ignacio Town where you can travel by taxi and meet the locals while shopping and dining in the setting.


5. Portland, Oregon

Portland is a known for it natural beauty and as a place where most people ride their bike to get around. When you want to explore the city, consider taking a food cart tour and eat at different restaurants that are well-known in the local area. Portland is also known as a safe place to visit, which makes it ideal for solo travelers who want to walk around or take public transportation at different times of the day.


Traveling while you're single is a great way of learning more about different parts of the world and creating memories in spectacular destinations.

With the right places added to your bucket list, you can enjoy becoming a traveler and create new memories with your closest friends.