5 Most Luxurious Oceanside Vacations You'll Ever Experience

5 Most Luxurious Oceanside Vacations You'll Ever Experience

When winter approaches, the weather becomes increasingly colder and those dreams of ocean getaways become much more frequent. Ditch the snow and scarves, grab your swimsuit and flip-flops and head to one of these luxurious oceanside vacations.

It'll be an experience you won't soon forget.


Los Cabos, Mexico

Mexico is one of those countries with several hidden gems that are just starting to gain international attention. Los Cabos is one such place. Located at the southernmost point of the Baja California Peninsula, this getaway is nestled in between the Pacific Ocean and a desert region. The main tourist attractions include a laid-back nightlife, whale watching and fishing. A majority of tourists choose to stay at one of the many luxurious, all-inclusive resorts that have been popping up all over the area. There are even nice luxury villas in Los Cabos for tourists who may want to stay closer to the beach to consider.


Railay Beach, Thailand

For those looking for a cheaper alternative without sacrificing luxury and beauty, Railay Beach in Thailand is an excellent option. Featuring picturesque beaches with white sand, clear water, dense jungles and protruding limestone cliffs, visitors will marvel at Railay Beach’s location. This destination provides all of the usual luxuries of major beach resort destinations, but also features more outdoor activities for the adventurous spirits. Rock climbing on the limestone cliffs jutting out of the Andaman Sea is one of its most popular activities. Railay Beach also offers unique excursions such as jungle and elephant trekking that would be hard to find anywhere else.


Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

Kamalame Cay is a secluded island that sits a convenient 15 minute flight away from Nassau, Bahamas surrounded by a turquoise-blue inlet. Visitors will appreciate the privacy and luxury that accompanies a stay at any one of the many resorts in Kamalame Cay. Rich with Caribbean marine-life and bordered by the Andros Great Barrier Reef, the waters around this location offer spectacular 100 ft. of visibility when snorkeling and diving. For a more relaxing experience, Kamalame Cay also offers the only overwater spa in the Caribbean. Visitors can enjoy a host of different treatments serviced by an expert team of masseuses and aestheticians.


Sagres, Portugal

Once thought to be the end of the world, Sagres features stunning cliffs that drop off into the roaring Atlantic. Sagres, Portugal is known as one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world with countless pristine beaches to choose from. Visitors can also enjoy water sports such as kayaking as they explore stunning caves and inlets surrounding the rocky coasts. Horseback riding is also available for those looking for more of a romantic oceanside excursion. Many of the resorts and guest houses in Sagres feature spacious surroundings of brush and sandy dunes making for a pristine environment.


Zanzibar, Tanzania

When people think about oceanside vacations, Africa isn't usually the first location to pop in their minds. However, Zanzibar is one of the most popular beach destinations on this continent. Situated on the eastern coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar offers crystal clear waters and shallow sandbars for walking deep into the waters. Surrounded by several smaller, uninhabited islands, Zanzibar is an excellent location for day trips. Earning the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic Stone Town is another popular visit on a trip to Zanzibar. The city features old spice markets and historic architecture. Visitors will also enjoy visiting Cheetah Rock for some close encounters with Africa's largest predators.


Luxurious ocean getaways offer a stark contrast to the normal routine we may be accustomed to. It's necessary to break out of this monotonous routine every once in a while and treat yourself to some beautiful sights, relaxing luxury and fun activities.

These 5 luxurious oceanside getaways will leave visitors with unforgettable experiences that will last them until their next getaway.