5 Most Common Mistakes Tourists Make in Rome

5 Most Common Mistakes Tourists Make in Rome

Instead of a huge list of tips recommending how to behave when you travel to another country, maybe it’s better just to be told what you shouldn’t do in other place, according to each nations’ traditions.

Today I’ll start with Rome, one of the most visited cities in the world, and in consequence, one which suffers (or benefits?!) from tourist stupidity.

The problem is that, most of people who aren’t used to travelling, when leaving their region, they continue to behave as if they were still at home, using the destination city just like a sideboard, like a film set. And, there’s nothing wrong at all in being oneself –don’t misunderstand me- but sometimes, you might get frustrated and the hosting country, annoyed with you just because you can’t adapt.


So, let’s know what you shouldn’t do in case you rent Rome apartments and don’t want to be the typical tourist:

Expecting buses to arrive on time

So, don’t get stressed and don’t plan too strictly as the schedule can be delayed thanks to the public transport. Just observe how locals do. Moreover, you’ll notice that, after thirty minutes waiting for the bus, a lot of people have gathered and this leads to a crowed public transport. Let’s translate this: Take care of your personal belongings, a lot of care. Even more: try to avoid bus link n.64 which is infamous for being specially targeted by pick pocketers and purse snatchers. Also, it not a good idea to move around the Termini station late at night. By the way, you can not buy the bus ticket inside the bus, but at the stations, or in machines.


Trusting everybody

You’ll see that many people in Rome are dressed like gladiators, or Romans, especially around the popular monuments like the Coliseum. Don’t think they are there because there are just freaks, no; they want money. Don’t be such a fool to have a picture with them as they’ll then ask you around 5€ for that. You can do the same with any supposed tourist guide that approaches you: Always ask first if you will have to pay. People don’t usually work for free.


Wearing heels

Girls, avoid them, come on. The streets in Rome are paved with cobblestone. This means that your heel can break between two of these stones and ruin your day. One thing is to leave aside any sense of aesthetics and dress in horrible sneakers no matter what type of clothes you’re wearing, and the other is wearing heels; you’ll appreciate wearing flat, comfortable shoes when you’ll have walked around for several hours.


Leaving a tip

You know what? You don’t have to. You don’t have to leave a tip to the waiter, or the taxi driver. Tips are included in the rates. Maybe this is why Italy has not handled the crisis as well as Germany (where tips are around 20% more of the price), just joking. Ahem.


Asking for coffee to accompany your meal

It’s very typical in some countries to drink coffee while having lunch. Well, note this: in Rome coffee is taken after meals, and you’d better enjoy it, as their expressos are considered the best in the world. Expect a nasty look if you order a cappuccino to go with your pizza. Drink Chianti!


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