5 History-Rich Places to Study Abroad

5 History-Rich Places to Study Abroad

Whoever said college can't be fun?

Part of the college experience is getting to enjoy learning and growing as a person. What better way to do that than spending a semester or full year studying abroad?

Almost any brick-and-mortar college or university has a study abroad program. In fact, most schools have multiple study abroad programs for different majors. While not all study abroad programs offer locations set in larger cities, many partnered schools can be found in major cities throughout the globe. These cities tend to be steeped in history and offer some fun contemporary cultural experiences.

If you're considering doing a study abroad, check out what these five history-rich cities have to offer in terms of their study abroad programs:


1. London, England

It is impossible to leave England off the list of history-rich places to study abroad. Wherever you end up in the country, you will be guaranteed to find a well-cared-for historic site to visit. It is impossible to see everything the country has to offer in one or even two semesters.

Students should absolutely spend time in London. Many historic sites are open year-round to tourists. The Tower of London, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and the British Museum are just a few of the numerous sites to be seen in London. It is easy and relative cheap to access public transportation from anywhere in England, so even if you aren't living in London, you can certainly make a few trips there without much hassle.


2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan, is home to multiple universities, including the University of Tokyo. Tourists and foreign exchange students flock to Tokyo every year to experience its unique culture. Students who study abroad in Tokyo can easily access all parts of the city and country via public transportation.

History-buffs will want to take in many of Tokyo's historic attractions, including the Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, and multiple museums dedicated to science, art, and history.


3. Berlin, Germany

Students wishing to study abroad in Germany might find themselves attracted to beautiful Berlin. Although Berlin is now a major business hub, students in any program will be able to enjoy the many historic sites the city has to offer.

Those intrigued by architecture should check out the Gendarmenmarkt, which is part of Berlin's lovely Mitte. The stunning Prussian building Schloss Charlottenburg and the Berlin Cathedral are also two historic and massive architectural feats worth visiting.


4. Gold Coast, Australia

Australia's Gold Coast, located in the state of Queensland, is packed with history and adventure. It is also home to the private not-for-profit Bond University. Students who study at Bond participate in a wide variety of programs, and there are many exchange opportunities, even for students looking into master of public administration programs.

Gold Coast boasts 43 miles of shoreline, meaning that there is plenty of beach area for students to enjoy in their time off. You can also take heritage walks through Labrador, Mudgeeraba, Coolangatta, and Southport. The City's Heritage unit holds special events examining the Gold Coast's long history and local Indigenous history.


5. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a Spanish city steeped in beautiful works of art and architecture dating back several thousand years to the Roman occupation. With so much history packed into this stunning city, it is difficult to see absolutely everything.

Students studying abroad at one of Barcelona's universities should attempt to see the Basilica of La Mercè and two of architect Antoni Gaudi's most famous works, Casa Batlló and Sagrada Familia, which is scheduled to be completed between 2026 and 2028 after having been continuously worked on since its groundbreaking in 1882.


No matter where you decide to study abroad, you will likely have many opportunities to enjoy a different country's rich history and culture. Partaking in these out-of-the-classroom learning experiences can mold your mind just as much, if not more so, than what you will be learning in your coursework.