5 Haunted Spots To Visit in the US Around Halloween

5 Haunted Spots To Visit in the US Around Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be in the mood to visit some of the haunted places in America.

Whether you take a tour of the country’s most spine-chilling locations, where creepy spirits roam through the nineteenth-century prisons, uninhabited asylums, or theaters, it is all about the experience and atmosphere. And if you are planning to travel in a motor home, why not add more to the thrill by brushing shoulders with ghosts?  

So, if you are prepared to brave the phantoms, here are five haunted spots you can visit:


Five Haunted Spots to Visit in the United States

1. The Cuban Club

Who would have thought that Tampa in Florida, a vibrant city and the coveted beach destination for many, is one of the most haunted cities in the US?

Back in 1917, the Cuban Club in the Ybor City was a luxurious building and a favorite party hangout for Cuban refugees. Explore this place, and you will get to smell the drift of cigar smoke in the air. But how is that possible when a ‘No smoking’ policy is in place today?

Well, the party never ends for the eerie spirits. The place has also earned its nickname ‘Club Dead’ for all the right reasons. The haunted building is known for its history of violence, suicide, murder, accidents, and tragedy. In 1920, a performer ended his life in the club’s theater.

An eight-year old boy got drowned in the pool, and a board member was shot dead by another after an altercation. It is believed that the spirits of the three people who died unnaturally, haunt the building. Some even say that an ethereal woman wearing white clothes and red heels roams the club’s hall, climbing up and down the stairs.   


2. Eastern State Penitentiary

This place in Pennsylvania is frightening and is one of the most notorious prisons of the nineteenth century. It was infamous for its solitary confinement, where the convicts lived, had food, and exercised alone.

When a prisoner left one of the cells, the guard made sure that his head remained covered with a hooded cloth so that he could not see or be seen by the other jail inmates. Though the place was closed in 1970, a few of the convicts who were not set free are believed to roam its deserted halls.

Visit this eerie site if you want to experience paranormal activities such as obscure figures, fast approaching footsteps, and ghostly laughter.


3. Gettysburg Battlefield

The Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania is one of America’s spookiest places as the Gettysburg battle was a gory affair that involved a lot of violence, bloodshed, and cruelty.

During the fight, some 50,000 young soldiers lost their lives in just three days. Though most of these men were given a formal burial, it is believed that the spirits of the soldiers now roam the battlefield to look for their companions and weaponry.

So, if you can brave the supernatural, you may witness something inexplicable and unfathomable.


4. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The asylum in Weston, West Virginia opened in 1864 and housed 2,400 more patients in the 1950s when it could only accommodate 250 inmates.

The patients were ill-treated and packed together in a small space. The mistreatment and deplorable living conditions made the inmates violent. Fires were lighted and guards assaulted. Though the asylum was closed down in 1994, it is believed that the grief-stricken and tortured patients lurk the deserted halls of the asylum.

You can be a part of the ghost tour and see for yourself how the inmates suffered and died.


5. Dock Street Theater 

The Dock Street Theater in Charleston, South Carolina is believed to be haunted by Nettie Dickerson, a prostitute who unfortunately died as she was hit by lightning.

The theater had witnessed many tragic accidents including a disastrous fire breakout. People believe that it is one place where the dead still haunts the living.


There many haunted places to visit in the US. When it comes to a maiden trip to one of these ghostly spots, your experience becomes more interesting. There is hardly a better way to experience America than in an RV. Consider taking a ghost tour across the US for an exciting journey. Happy Halloween!