5 Green Spaces in Midtown Toronto

5 Green Spaces in Midtown Toronto

Birds warble, chirp, and call out to one another overhead. Insects hum their back-up behind them. Squirrels and chipmunks scold those who pass by, urging them to stop and listen.

Aspens, maples, oaks, birches, and other trees and shrubs provide shelter from the sun for the theatrical performance. The damp earth wants in on this production, lending its pungent scent to the symphony of the senses.

Summer has exploded in Toronto!

With more than 8,000 hectares (19,800 acres) of green space, Toronto truly is a city within a park. In the Midtown cluster of neighbourhoods, five trail systems connect relatively road-free to provide you long stretches of car-free, outdoorsy activity, easily accessed from public transportation (TTC):


Sunnybrook Park & Serena Gundy Park:

Both parks come courtesy of private country estates and cover approximately 175 hectares (432 acres) of sports and recreation fields, biking trails, and stables. 
Other amenities: Public bathrooms, over 400 parking spaces, picnic areas, and an off-leash dog park. 
TTC access: 54 Lawrence East and 51 Leslie buses.
Closest intersection: Leslie Street at Eglinton Avenue East.


Wilket Creek Park: 

Connected to Serena Gundy Park by a parking lot south of Eglinton Avenue, visitors to Wilket Creek can stroll, run, and bike along 2.1 kilometers (1.3 miles) of asphalt beneath mature mixed forest and continue further south along the city’s Don Valley Parkway trail. 
Other amenities: Public bathrooms, picnic areas, and Frisbee golf available within the park. 
TTC access: 51 Leslie and 34 Eglinton East buses. 
Closest intersection: Leslie Street at Eglinton Avenue East.


Sherwood Park: 

A popular spot for dog owners and dog walkers, the extensive off-leash park is a trail system beneath maples and oaks and shared by runners coming from Sunnybrook Park to the east and the Beltline Trail to the southwest. A sweet, little playground with a splash pad suitable for kids 8 and under are well-away from the gated entrance to the off-leash park. 
Other amenities: Public bathrooms near the playground and free parking at the top of the hill off of Sherwood Avenue. 
TTC access: 103 Mount Pleasant bus. 
Closest intersection: Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East.


The Beltline Trail: 

Take in nine well-shaded kilometers of mixed asphalt and hard-packed trail along an old rail bed across Midtown from Mount Pleasant Cemetery to Allen Road. Visitors can continue on through the cemetery and down through the Moore Ravine system to access the ecologically- and historically-important Evergreen Brickworks.  Alternatively at the opposite end of the trail, cross Eglinton Avenue West at Allen Road and continue on into Cedarvale Park. 
TTC access: Multiple. 
Closest intersection: Multiple.


Cedarvale Park: 

Walk the trails that Ernest Hemingway walked during his time in Canada. Stop and observe life in a young growth forest as renaturalization is occurring years after the area was clear-cut for the subway. The park at its southern end meets up with the Nordheimer Ravine which allow visitors to continue downtown through vibrant green space. 
Other amenities: Off-leash dog park, off-street parking, ice rink in the winter. 
TTC access: Eglinton West subway stop at the north end of the park, St. Clair West subway stop at the south end of the park, 7 Bathurst bus, and 90 Vaughan bus. 
Closest intersection: Allen Road and Eglinton Avenue West or Spadina Road and St. Clair West.


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