5 Great Travel Accessories to Buy

5 Great Travel Accessories to Buy

If you love to travel, there are some handy accessories that you’ll want to take with you on your journey.

These accessories offer additional convenience and can help make the process of getting to your destination more enjoyable.


Here are Five Travel Accessories That You Should Consider Buying 

Leak-proof Travel Bottles

The standard travel bottles that you use to hold your shampoo and other liquids could leak and leave a gooey mess. Fortunately, there are now leak-proof travel bottles on the market that are made from silicone and provide a tighter seal. A set of these types of bottles includes bottles of different colors that are already labeled with names of common liquids so that they can be organized easily. These bottles are also squeezable so that you won’t have to shake them when you want to use any of the liquids. The best leak-proof bottles on the market are TSA-approved and can easily pass through security detectors at airports.


Fabric Defuzzer

A fabric defuzzer can keep you looking your best while you travel. You can pick up a compact handheld fabric defuzzer that’s easy to pack in a carry-on bag. These products are battery-operated so that you won’t have to worry about messing with cords and finding power outlets. You can use your defuzzer to remove unsightly fuzz from pants, shirts, sweaters and all your other garments. Certain models have multiple settings that can be easily adjusted depending on the amount of fuzz that needs to be removed. These defuzzers are safe to use on all types of fabric.


Airport-friendly Belt

One of the biggest hassles of traveling is having to deal with a belt that might set off a metal detector when passing through a TSA security checkpoint. However, there are now stylish airport friendly belts on the market that don’t contain any metal and don’t need to be removed when passing through checkpoints. A belt like this can save you time and embarrassment. Some belts are also reversible and feature different colors on each side to match all types of outfits. A military webbing belt is one of the best options because of its lightweight, durable material and the comfort that it will provide you while wearing it. These belts are also easy to adjust to fit waists of all sizes.


Anti-Theft Messenger Bag

One of your biggest worries about traveling is having any of your items stolen. With an anti-theft messenger bag, you’ll enjoy some additional peace of mind. These types of bags are made from high-quality slash-proof materials and come with cut-proof adjustable straps. You can get a bag with a pocket that can hold your credit cards, driver’s license and passport securely and block radio-frequency identification scanners that people might try to use to steal your information. This bag is made to fit across the body so that you won’t have to fuss with carrying it by hand.


USB Travel Adapter

If you plan to travel internationally, you'll likely need a power adapter in order to plug in your electronic devices. There are USB travel adapters that are compatible with the electrical outlets of multiple countries and can save you the trouble of having to bring multiple adapter plugs. Some devices feature multiple power ports that allow you to charge a series of electronic devices at one time. Most USB travel adapters weigh less than one pound and come with their own storage cases.


Your travels can be much more enjoyable and convenient with the right accessories. These useful items are great to bring along for all types of trips and should be added to your packing list.