5 Great Things to do in Kuala Lumpur City

5 Great Things to do in Kuala Lumpur City

Kuala Lumpur City Centre, or KLCC is a home of not only the tallest twin towers in the world but so many other attractions.

But travellers to the areas often complain that they could not find other things to do after a snap or two of the twin buildings.


Here are some things you could do here:

1. Get on the Skybridge

You need to be quick and queue at the Concourse Area as early as 7:30 am as there are only 1,200 tickets issued daily. Costing RM 80, you will be lifted up to the twin tower's sky bridge where you would be able to see the city from above.


2. Go to Petronas Gallery

This is a free public art gallery that is maintained by the country's petroleum company, Petronas Berhad. The displays range from children book arts to BMW cars painted by Andy Warhol.


3. Take Your Kids to Petrosains

If you have kids, the 70,000 sq feet Petrosains, a touch museum and science centre rolled into one is a must visit. It's also the place where you and your kids could learn more about oil technologies -- and see, touch or play with interesting exhibits like the stone that bleeds oil, Formula One racing cars, a replica oil rig and helicopter simulators.


4. Swim with the Sharks

If you prefer some adventure, you could head on to the Aquaria (which is an underground oceanarium, 10 minutes walk from KLCC). Apart from seeing reptilias and fishes, you could opt for the Swim With The Sharks package where you and a professional diver will dive into the aquaria and explore the area alongside some fierce looking sea creatures like sharks.


5. Try International Food

There's nasi lemak ( Malaysia's favourite breakfast), sushi restaurants, kebab kiosk along with restaurants selling food from all over the world in KLCC. You will definitely be spoilt for choices.

There's American fish and chips, Thai tom yam, Italian pizza and so much more in the mall. You only limitation is the size of your stomach and the cash in your pocket.


Insider Tips:

  1. You can get to the KLCC from Bukit Bintang via an air conditoned pedestrian overhead walkaway.
  2. Alternatively, use the wireless equipped GoKL pink or purple bus to tour KLCC and the rest of the city area. It is a free bus service for tourists.


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