5 Foods to Eat in Burma

5 Foods to Eat in Burma

Standing in the shadow of neighbouring culinary giants Thailand, China, and India, it is perhaps not surprising that Burma's food is lost in the background.

Though it gets a bad rap from many travellers, Burma's cuisine contains a range of influences from across Asia - and contrary to popular belief, if you know where to go, it can be delicious!


Here are five dishes that you should try while travelling in Burma:

1. Tea Leaf Salad

Tea leaf, or lahpet, is one of Burma's greatest delicacies. Tea leaves have a sour, bitter taste and are popularly mixed into salads with cabbage, tomatoes, nuts, peas, beans, garlic and chilli. Not only is it consumed on an everday basis; tea leaves also play a traditional ceremonial role in peace offerings.

2. Shan rice

Shan rice, or nga htamin, consists of rice cooked with potato, tomato and turmeric, topped with fish cooked in oinions, garlic and chilli. The dish comes from the Shan ethnic minority from Burma's Shan State, but has become popular throughout the country.


3. Burmese curry

Milder than its Indian or Thai counterparts, Burmese curry is the central element of many meals and are generally quite oily.


4. Mohinga

Often referred to as the unofficial national dish of Burma, mohinga consists of rice noodles in a broth flavoured with fish, shallot, ginger or lemongrass - sometimes supplemented by the cruchy pith of the banana tree.


5. Nangyi Thoke

Nangyi Thoke is a dry noodle dish - or "noodle salad" - made with thick noodles, chicken, fishcake, beansprouts and egg, topped with a squeeze of lemon or lime.