5 Delicious Must-Try Dishes in South Korea

5 Delicious Must-Try Dishes in South Korea

Many travelers exploring this wonderful country are those already teaching in South Korea, although tourism has certainly seen a boost since the advent of 'Gangnam Style'.

Whatever your reason for being in Korea...

Here are 5 dishes you must try:


The literal translation of Bibimbap is mixed rice. Sound tempting? In Jeonju, it's not just mixed rice, it's more like a work of art. This traditional peasant food is common everywhere in Korea and comes in two varieties.  Regular Bibimbap comes in a metal bowl whereas Dolsot Bibimbap is served in a heated stone bowl. If you order ‘Dolsot’, look out for the crispy scorched rice around the edge; it’s called Nurungji and is a Korean delicacy.



Korean Barbecue seems to be the new, trendy food popping up all over Western Europe! This is caveman food at its best.  Traditional Galbi is made up of spicy barbecued short ribs that you cook on a pit of a fire in the centre of the table. Wash this down with a beer and your meal will come to a whopping total of a fiver! There’s no question that Korean barbecue joints will become a regular hangout place for you and your buddies.



OK, so it might look like a chicken kiev, but this is actually a deep-fried pork cutlet smothered in a katsu-like curry sauce...how fancy! 

Make sure to grab one from one of the popular ‘orange takeaway joints’ at 3am. Your Donkasseu is the Korean equivalent of a kebab on the way home.



Sweet cinnamon pancakes stuffed with dried fruit and nuts; what’s not to love? This little snack is commonly sold by street hawkers across the autumn and winter months and people go crazy for it! Some vendors in Seoul are so popular that you’ll find queues a block long to visit them! That is a lot of pancake love.


Cheese Bokkeumbap

This is the pizza of Asia (don’t worry they have pizza too – although it does have a variety of weird toppings like squid rings and sweet potato). This dish uses spicy chilli paste, rice and grated mozzarella. It is really cheap, costing around about 1.50 per portion, and filling, so these restaurants are mostly found in the city centre or near to Universities.  They are great for lunch.

Top tip for vegetarians: Make sure to ask for no meat as now and again an enterprising chef will throw chicken in.


Weird Korean Food Stuff

Feeling experimental? South Korea has some interesting delicacies that are definitely worth trying at least once!

Silkworm Lavae:  Nope, you haven’t got on the wrong plane and ended up in the Aussie jungle. You’ve just been served this lovely carnivorous snack in a bar.  I think we’ll stick to our peanuts, thanks!

Bizarre combinations (probably unavoidable actually, so maybe it should have made it to the first list). Pickles with pasta, sweet potato in doughnuts, sugar on a seafood pizza. Korea takes the sweet/sour combo to a whole new level!


Travel tip shared by Katherine Hackett



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