5 Best Treks Around the World

5 Best Treks Around the World

There are over 100 treks that have been listed in books as the best in the world. The selection criterion has been based on different factors. The destinations are known to offer memorable experiences.

Although people will have to prepare immensely to get their lungs and legs ready, the rewards after visiting the destinations are always worth it.


The following treks are in my opinion, the top five trekking destinations in the world

1. Inca Trail in Peru

Inca trail is the most famous trail in South America. It is 33 km long starting from the Sacred valley to Machu Picchu. Visitors will set their eyes on the forgotten city of Machu Picchu. It winds up in a mountainous region that provides a splendid overlook. The mountains are white-tipped with forests that offer magic walking destinations. Thousands of people trek around this trail annually with many enjoying the adventure in its cloud-covered forests.


2. Everest Base Camp in Nepal

Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. There is a base camp in the mountain that offers a good trekking adventure. In order to reach the height of 5,545m, visitors have to trek for a period of approximately three weeks to get to the top. There are ups and downs of getting to the top. Some people feel like giving up on the way, but the spectacular scenery encourages many. The Sherpa people are along the trek and they are a good group of the Solu Khumbu to interact with.

The destination offers a great experience as many would brag that they climbed the tallest mountain in the world and were at one moment on top of the world. The temperatures at the top are very low. For geographers it can be a good adventure and study to understand how acclimatization and changes in altitude occur.


3. The Haute Route

The haute route goes through France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is an enjoyable trek during summer. The route is long as it will take two weeks to complete. It is one of the treks where visitors have to prepare well.


4. Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the tallest mountain in Africa with a height of 5,895m. It is undoubtedly one of the best trek destinations. While at the bottom, many tend to think that it is not a long trek, but they end up shocked when they take 8 days along the trek. The destination offers an advantage of different routes. The decision that trekkers make defines the experience they will get.


5. Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal

Annapurna trekking is an ancient trade route that was opened to foreign trekkers in 1977. It is more than 100 miles long. Speed determines the number of days trekkers will take along the route. An average shows that many trekkers take from 15 to 25 days to complete the route.


Along the route there are cheap hotels where trekkers can relax and refresh. This is an advantage to trekkers because they will not need to carry heavy camping gear with them.