5 of the Best Things to Do in Victoria Falls

5 of the Best Things to Do in Victoria Falls

Book a trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe if you’re in need of an adventure. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for, whether your taste demands sky-high levels of adrenaline, or something milder.


Here are the Top Things to Do at Victoria Falls

White-Water Rafting

Victoria Falls is widely regarded as one of the world’s best places for white-water rafting. Everything happens along the famous Zambezi River, which is certain to challenge you with long, violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas.

An expedition through Batoka Gorge will do nicely if you’re up for a multi-day rafting trip.  Aside from the thrills and spills on the water, it will allow you to camp under starlight, surrounded by incredible scenery.


Chobe Day Trip

Based around the magnificent Chobe River, the Chobe National Park is home to an incredibly diverse species of animals. That is, lions, zebras, the planet’s largest population of elephants, and just under 500 species of bird, all call it home. The landscape varies from lush floodplains to savannahs and rolling grasslands.

It’s worth doing a day trip to the park if you’re visiting Victoria Falls.


Bungee Jumping

If you’re a thrill seeker, don’t miss out on bungee jumping from Victoria Falls Bridge. The experience involves a 110 meter free fall bungee jump towards the rushing waters of the Zambezi River. That’s a very long way down.


Helicopter Flight over Victoria Falls

A helicopter ride over the falls makes an amazing addition to your to-do list. Book one and get a spectacular, bird’s-eye view of Victoria Falls, and a chance to spot the region’s wildlife species from the air. Depending on your flight option, you could see the falls, its islands, neighboring rainforests, and the wildlife populations of various national parks.


Devil’s Pool

Don’t forget to sit in Devil’s Pool either. It’s a natural rock pool on a ledge at the the edge of the falls, with a scary drop of over 100 meters.

The pool is only open during the drier month of the year, though, when the Zambezi’s water levels are low enough for swimmers to venture out. Visit between mid August and mid January if you can’t resist this particular view of Victoria Falls.