5 Best Parks and Natural Attractions in Alicante

5 Best Parks and Natural Attractions in Alicante

Staying in Alicante, Spain, is considered by many tourists as a rest stop and place to stay in a hotel, visiting the beaches and excursions.

However, there is another side of the holiday in Alicante – a walk through the parks and gardens, which are great. Do not forget that for exploring the places of natural beauty you will need a vehicle. Take care of it in advance - rent a car at Alicante airport.

Let's take a look at the top 5 natural attractions and parks of Alicante.


5 Top Natural Attractions in Alicante

Garden Huerto del Cura

This is an incredibly quiet and beautiful place. In the park, there is a collection of palm trees and cactuses from around the world. Here the most beautiful examples of lemon and orange trees, pomegranates and many other plants are found, growing in the subtropical and tropical climate. The pearl of the park is a date palm, a unique specimen with seven trunks that sprouts from one central plant. It has the form of a candelabrum and attracts visitors with its unusual and amazing symmetry. On one of the numerous garden paths you can go out to the pond and admire the sculpture of the Lady from Elche.


Jardin de los Sentidos and Teahouse Altea

Jardin de los sentidos in translation means "garden of feelings". The small garden area is decorated in Asian style. The Garden of Feelings is full of various plants, small sculptures and reservoirs, bridges and narrow paths. Here you can plunge into the romantic atmosphere: nature, shadows, hidden corners, hammocks ... and enjoy a cup of tea with homemade cakes. Children under 15 years old are not allowed entry– this is a place of tranquility and peace.


Park El Palmeral

El Palmeral is the most beautiful park in Alicante. It is located on the beach where palm trees, cactuses, flowers and shrubs are growing. The park is divided into 2 parts: in one of them, there is a playground area and places for picnics, in the second – a walking area. In the walking area, there are waterfalls, lakes and ponds. Here you can ride on rowing boats, sports boats and catamarans. There is also the summer area created specifically for families, especially for children. In the summer park, which is located in the promenade, there are several sites with an open stage, known as the Family Theater. Every day various cultural events, contests for children are held there.


Rio Safari Elche Zoo Park

Not far from Alicante is the Rio Safari Zoo. Its inhabitants live in wild conditions without cages and aviaries and you can look at them directly from the train car that runs around the park. Elephants, giraffes, antelopes, zebras, bison, jaguars, lemurs – there are many exotic animals that can be photographed and even patted. Moreover, there is a crocodile farm and a terrarium with various reptiles. Every day there are shows, in which the inhabitants of the zoo take part.


DinoPark Algar in the Cactus Garden

DinoPark Algar is located in the territory of the garden Cactuses of Algar near the city-museum of Guadalest and one kilometer from the famous waterfalls of Algar.  The park of cactuses covers an area of 50 thousand square meters with more than 1000 cactuses of various species. Conventionally, the park can be divided into 2 zones. In the first, plants of the desert are represented, and in the second – tropical plants, including fruit ones. Recently, moving dinosaur figures appeared in the park that is especially enjoyed by small visitors. In addition, here you can see a 3D film about extinct reptiles, and children can refresh themselves in the children's pool.


If you have always dreamed of taking a holiday in sunny climes, where your rest will not be disturbed by rain, Alicante is your choice. Find out the information about the beginning of the rainy seasons and avoid this period when choosing trips.

The nature of Spain is a real miracle. Run away from routine, breathe deeply and forget about everything.

Have a good and pleasant trip.