5 Best Food Places in Sydney

5 Best Food Places in Sydney

Sydney offers endless options for fare from around the globe, from noodles in Chinatown to pizza in Leichhardt. How to you narrow down your choices?



Check out these five top spots:


1) Best Dumplings: Dumpling and Noodle House

The average tourist might pass by this shack-sized eatery on the border of Potts Point and Kings Cross, but you’ll be smart enough to sit down with a bottle of wine and order up a dozen of these stuffed dough crescents. You can get vegetarian, meat or seafood and have them fried or steamed. They come out piping hot and are so mouth-watering, you won’t even need to dip them in soy sauce. Sit inside or out as you sink into a food coma.


2) Best Calzone: Pizza e Birra

Anyone who knows a good calzone also knows they’re hard to find. Surprisingly, Sydney’s best joint for this Italian favorite isn’t in the Little Italy of Leichhardt, but in the peninsula suburb of Balmain (conveniently right up the street from Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie, where you can stroll in for dessert). At Pizza e Birra, whose sister location sits in Surry Hills, $20 gets you a gigantic calzone oozing with ricotta, the one element many others miss in their mozzarella-laden versions. You can get it plain, with meat or with tomato and cheese on top. It’s definitely enough to share, but why would you want to?


3) Best Gelato: Gelato Messina

Forget Gelatissimo for your gelato. Try this independently-owned Darlinghurst dessert spot, whose founders hail from Italy and, therefore, know what they’re doing. They offer more than 40 flavors, traditional ones in addition to interesting ideas like tiramisu and apple pie. Messina, which only has one location, also makes gelato cakes like hazelnut zuccotto and black forest for your next birthday party, holiday dinner or those times when you just feel like being gluttonous.


4) Best Food Court: David Jones

It’s easy to find a food court in Sydney, but the one located in David Jones takes the idea to a new level. Located on the bottom floor of the Market Street location, the epicurean expanse takes you round fresh produce stands, a carvery, sushi counters and more. After you’ve ordered a cheese plate and a glass of Sauv Blanc from the wine bar, you can stumble down the aisles and stare at the array of goods. Make sure to stop by the “American” section, which features Hershey’s syrup, Aunt Jemima pancake syrup and Snyder’s pretzels.


5) Best Cheap Schooner and Snack: Cheers

The Sydney version of the bar where everybody knows your name is located on George Street near World Square. It’s got a jukebox, TVs on which to catch local sports or massive events like the World Cup and $3.5 schooners of XXXX Gold. Really unbeatable when you consider a pint elsewhere can run you $9. Cheers also has dinners for $10, another bargain in a city of not-so-cheap eats. It’s low-maintenance and provides a perfect people-watching vantage for the CBD’s main drag.




Written and contributed by Lauren Fritsky


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