5 Best Cities in Australia for Students

5 Best Cities in Australia for Students

If you are considering studying abroad but haven’t yet found the perfect place, stop looking, because you just found it!

Australia is a magnificent country where nature and the cosmopolitan environment blend in a harmonious way. Australia has some famous Universities with excellent academic programs, where students have the opportunity to study in a relaxed and joyful environment.

The cities of Australia are known for their beautiful landscapes and vibrant night life. An important point that you should take into consideration is that the universities diplomas are globally recognized, both the graduate and the undergraduate degrees. And the good news is that Australia, compared to other developed countries such as US and UK, offers all its services at a much lower cost. 

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most student-friendly cities in Australia:


Student-Friendly Cities in Australia

1. Sydney 

Sydney is the financial center of the country and the city where several multinational corporations have their main office. The most popular city in the world where students choose to study is Sydney. Once students finish their studies, most of them generally choose to remain in Australia in order to find a job. Sydney always had high scores in terms of employability, so why not?

In Sydney, you can have so many interesting experiences like concerts, music events, cultural events, and so on. You will never get bored in a place like Sydney. Moreover, don’t forget to take your time to explore the city’s unique wild life. Koala bears and Kangaroos are seen quite often in Sydney. 


2. Adelaide

If you like hiking, cycling, and climbing, you will definitely consider Adelaide as an option for your academic studies. It’s a great place to merge studying opportunities with sporting activities. There is a great variety of local festivals and events that take place in this city, like the Adelaide Festival of Arts or Adelaide Writers’ Week. You will have the opportunity to develop your cultural knowledge and meet interesting people.

In case you are a wine lover, don’t forget to visit Barossa Valley which is the best wine region in all Australia. The academic life is said to be (by many students) a fantastic journey. And the best part is that all Adelaide universities are qualifying students for the international market. The University of Adelaide is among the top 1 percent of universities of the world. 


3. Brisbane

Brisbane welcomes over 50,000 international students each year while being the third most populated city in Australia. Another name for Brisbane is the “new-world city”. There are so many tourists and foreign students in Brisbane that you will experience a truly multicultural environment and mood.

In case you are looking for an affordable place in Australia to begin your studies, you found it. Brisbane’s local universities have low tuitions fees while giving you the possibility to choose between 9,000 courses. An interesting adventure that you can be part of in Brisbane is the annual Buddha Birth Day festival, where you can fly over the city in a hot air balloon while exploring Brisbane’s islands.


4. Gold Coast

The best city to enjoy a thriving night life is Gold Coast. The city is the home of four Australian universities, where more than 30,000 students are studying. If you are a warm weather lover, Gold Coast is the perfect place for you. There are 300 sunny days per year. 

If you are into surfing, this place will look like a paradise. Rural areas and mountains surround Gold Coast and incredible national parks can be visited throughout the year. The Gold Coast is also named the beach metropolis and is currently known as the nicest place to live on the entire earth.


5. Melbourne

Melbourne is listed among the most livable cities in the world while it’s the center of cultural events in Australia. Many big corporations in Australia have their headquarters in Melbourne. Therefore, in case you want to remain in Melbourne after finishing your studies, you will easily find excellent job opportunities. 

There are some unique attractions in Melbourne, like Eureka Tower and a 297th-floor tower from where you can have a magnificent view of the city. And let’s not forget about the penguins at Port Phillip Bay, you can even pet them and feed them. Cool, isn’t it?



Australia may be the best place on earth for an excellent study program combined with a terrific outside experience. This is the country in which you can find some of the most respected universities in the world with tuition fees lower than most of the western countries.

So, can you think of a reason not to study in this amazing country?