4 Reasons why Athens is a World City

4 Reasons why Athens is a World City

1. Events & Happenings

Athens is always ready to celebrate! The weather is great not only during the summer but also throughout the winter. The sun is always present and Athenians just love  to live outside. Street bars, coffee bars, bistros and restaurants have their own beautiful back yard or offer tables and chairs right in front of their main buildings on the streets, where their guests enjoy chatting  with  friends while watching people passing by. 

But what is also great about Athens is that there is always something new going on; street events and parties, DJ's sets from radio producers go live from some famous pedestrian streets, happenings and various small or bigger meet ups, or even swing parties and jazz concerts, and festivals are on the everyday agenda all year round giving the opportunity to everyone to be part of the modern Athenian lifestyle. Full or surprises, smiles and positive vibes, Athens has it all.


2. Gastronomy

Everybody knows about the delicious food of this country; classic recipes  pass from the old generations to the new  with respect, based on some great local ingredients and products. Every region in Greece  has its own cuisine with fresh products, and some of them are unique and world reknowned for their high quality.

Apart from the traditional local taverns that offer visitors some good choices to taste the local cuisine, Athens has some of the most creative chefs in Europe and some of them are among the best  ones on the condinent. You will be amazed by the new inspiring gastronomic  scene that is based on fresh local products that blend together in an unexpected way giving visitors a taste of heaven. 

When in Athens, check out Ark Restaurant in Glyfada to try some delicious dishes made by the top Greek Chef Yiannis Baxevanis.


3. Nightlife

You don't know Athens unless you go out at night. That's a rule! This city is so vibrant, so young and dynamic; going out at night is the best way to understand the way of life, and how locals enjoy the city life. With more than 19 different areas to choose from, literally hundrends of bars, clubs, restaurants and all day and all night coffee bars and live stages you will be spoiled for choice. People are so friendly, always happy to offer you their help on how to find your way or even share their local secrets with you, that even if you go out solo you will always find new friends to hang out. 

It seems like going out at night for a drink is a way to get some new, fresh energy for the following day. In Athens you don't just wait for Saturday as every night is THE night to enjoy life with friends over a glass of good wine or a great cocktail!


4. Athens Riviera

Although most of the travellers know Athens as a stop over before heading to the famous Greek islands, few know that the island's spirit lives with in the city all year round. 

Athens Riviera is the great escape from the city centre just 15 minutes drive from it. Blue flag beaches, crystal clear water, a variety of different activities- windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, water skiing, cycling routes etc. -offer visitors the great pleasure of enjoying life as if they are on a permanent holiday.

The fascinating coastline of Athens has picturesque suburbs by the sea, great beaches, long promenades with palm trees and modern marinas that will surprise you. 

The transportation to the city centre is very convenient and easy anytime of the day. High end hotels and resorts are also by the beach, and some very chic restaurants, bars and clubs give you another taste of luxurious Athens. 

Athens is modern, funky and surprising! So, when are you planning for a visit?


Travel tip shared by Villy Manolia for Traveldudes

With many thanks to City of Athens, Athens Development and Destination Management Agency and SETE for giving travellers from around the world the opportunity to celebrate the Athens World on the World Cities Day (October 31st).