4 Out of the Ordinary Places to Visit This Spring in Romania

4 Out of the Ordinary Places to Visit This Spring in Romania

I found myself in a need of a vacation.You know… that time when you open your eyes and want to do something adventurous.

I want to feel the breeze and the chill, I want to travel.

So I started to search for things to do this spring, something one of a kind, something I cannot do in many places and that is how I found 4 places I can’t afford to miss this spring in Romania.

Mark my words!


Therme Bucharest

My first choice is Therme Bucharest. Therme is the largest relaxation, wellness and treatment complex from Europe built as a Greenfield project with thermal waters. The gigantic place is divided into 3 areas, each one of them is a unique destination.

The first one, the Palm, as the name says, is the area designed for relaxation under the 500 palm trees, which is one of the largest gardens of its kind from Europe. You can relax in the pool surrounded by hundreds of trees and feel like you are on a tropical island, since the temperature is the same as a summer's day and the thermal water is 33 degrees. The relaxation can begin in one of the 3 aromatherapy pools you have there: with lithium, to reduce stress, calcium and magnesium for bone health or salt from the Dead Sea known for its curative properties, due to the high content of essential minerals.

The second one, Elysium is for those who want to be spoilt in the themed saunas or to enjoy a relaxing massage. This area is specially designed for a healthy mind and body. Dry, with steam or salt, each sauna has its own design and fragrance. If you want to banish work fatigue, the perfect way to do this is to leave yourself in the hands of a massage specialist. You can choose from relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, body treatments and spa rituals.

The third area, the Galaxy is just for fun, having all kinds of slides and a wave pool. Here you can find the largest wave pool in Romania, over 16 slides, with a total length of 1.5 km and heights up to 12 meters.


Reopening of Palace of Culture Iasi

The second choice this spring is visiting the newly restored Palace of Culture Iasi and to be present at the big reopening in April. The restoration of the palace started on August 11, 2013 and in 8 years the appearance of the palace changed a lot, being now more impressive than ever. It is a complex museum, an architectural masterpiece and one of the most important accomplishment of the gothic style in Romania. The pictures speak for themselves! It’s a must visit this spring.


Hot Air Balloon Ride

In search for something adventurous? A hot air balloon ride has the right amount of adventure, fun, uniqueness and new. Magia baloanelor is my third option. It is a festival that will be held for the first time in Moldova, Romania in May. The big launch of the hot air balloons will be held twice a day because the best times for flying are early in the morning and in the evening before sunset when the atmosphere is calm and the weather conditions are favorable.

The sad thing is that for the free flight there are no seats available and for the captive flight you cannot make reservations. So all that is left to do is be present at the festival and enjoy the moment.


Primaverii Palace

My last option is Primaverii Palace, the former residence of the Ceausescu couple. This luxurious building is opened to the public for the first time in history. After the Romanian Revolution in 1989, only a few pictures were revealed displaying the wealthy lifestyle they had: “almost everything was gold, even the bath taps were gold”.

That's how it got the name “the golden palace”. The building is on the street with the same name: Primaverii. It has a magnetic allure and features a cinema, solarium and sauna, swimming pool, a greenhouse with exotic plants, garden with peacocks plus 80 rooms decorated in varied styles.