4 Major Mosques in India

4 Major Mosques in India

Muslim rulers have played a vital role in enhancing the beauty of India, down the ages.

They have built several monuments, forts, palaces and various pieces of architecture that are must-sees on any India tour. 


Here Are  Four Mosques That You Must See in India

1. Quwwat Ul Islam Mosque in Delhi

This beautiful mosque is one of the first mosques built in Delhi after the Islamic invasion in the country.

This mosque was built in 1193 AD. It is one of the finest examples of the Ghurid’s architecture.

The structure of the mosque includes a courtyards faced with floral motifs and Quranic verses.

Qutub Minar was raised in this mosque to perform Aazaan.


2. Adhai Din Ka Jhopra in Ajmer

Ajmer is a beautiful place which is known as the hub of Muslim Shrines.

A part of Khwaja Sharif, the place is also known for Adhai Din Ka Jhopda, which once served as the Sanskrit College that later turned into mosque beyond the Dargarh of Khwaja Mouin-Ud-Din Chisti.

Historians believe that Muhammad Ghori, gave the monument today’s form with extended raised wall. Ajmer holds an important place in Rajasthan Tourism. 


3. Jama Masjid in Ajmer

Here is one more mosque from Ajmer. The very charming and fascinating Jama Masjid is one of the finest tourist attractions of Rajasthan.

Just like all their mosques, Jama Masjid in Ajmer was also built under supervision of Shah Jahan in 1638 AD.

The mosque is compact with 11 arches and is compact with Persian inscriptions on its walls.

The prayer hall in the mosque was designed in the shape of star. The Jama Masjid in Ajmer makes your Rajasthan tour a memorable one.


4. Nagina Masjid in Agra

People on Agra Tours love to explore the heritage sites, mausoleums, forts and palace along with the divine Islamic shrines.

The Nagina Masjid is no less an architectural marvel, which was built by Shah Jahan in 1640. The mosque is wrapped with the marble carvings which are quite fascinating.

The prayer hall is built with white marble and boasts simple and decent decoration.

The architectural feature of the mosque is known as bangladar that serves a unique characteristic to mosques.

This beautiful monument can be visited during Taj Mahal tours.


So these are four Indian mosques that are stunning examples of Islamic architecture. Which ones will you visit during your tour of India?