4 Interesting Facts about Sri Lanka

4 Interesting Facts about Sri Lanka

For over decades travel enthusiasts have given preference to exotic locations like Maldives, Malibu, Hawai, and New Zealand to explore the oceans and coastlines. Thankfully, there is a significant change in perception over past few years and people are slowly realising that the beaches and islands of South-East Asia have an enchanting attraction about them. For instance, the small island country in Asia is among those few gems and is still unexplored by many travellers—Sri Lanka.

The islands of Sri Lanka have an eerie charm about them and that’s not it; if you are somebody who loves the solitude of mountains then the country’s north is equally magnificent. It might be a small country but the biodiversity of this country is extremely rich and there are many interesting facts about it. So if you are planning to have a vacation in this small island country very soon then these fun facts about Sri Lanka can make your visit even more interesting.

Interesting History:

The history of Sri Lanka is extremely interesting and that automatically reflects in its cultural diversity. The country was first colonised by Portuguese in 1505, then by Dutch in 1658, by British in 1796, and finally it got independence in 1948. In fact, the country was called Ceylon till 1972 and was finally changed to Republic of Sri Lanka that very year.

Sri Lanka has two Interesting Names:

Sounds interesting, right? But there is a deeper meaning to it. Sri Lanka is popularly known by two names—“Pearl of the Indian Ocean” and “teardrop of India”. The reason why it is called ‘pearl of the Indian ocean’ is because of its incredible beauty and rich biodiversity. It is called by the latter name because of its shape and location right below the coast of India.    

Colombo—The Cultural Capital:

The capital city of Sri Lanka is full of diversity, enthusiasm and spontaneity. It’s the cultural point of all the major religions in the country and beautifully accommodates all kinds of diversity. If you wish to make your visit a bit more interesting then stay at a budget hotel in Maradana, which is a small suburb area near Colombo. This would allow you to explore areas in and around the capital city with ease.     

Adam’s Peak:

It would be completely unfair not to visit Adam’s peak when travelling in Sri Lanka. Considered as the most sacred mountain in the country, Adam’s peak is a point of pilgrimage for three major religions in Sri Lanka. The mountain is famous for a footprint, which is considered to be the footprint of Lord Buddha by Buddhists; while Tamils believe it to be the footprint of lord Shiva, and that of Adam’s by Christians and Muslims.


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