4 Great Weekend Destinations in Karnataka, India

4 Great Weekend Destinations in Karnataka, India

Weekend getaways are a great travel option, as they don't require a ton of advance planning and typically more pocket friendly than other trips.  All you need are a couple days free and you can escape from daily life and experience some place new.  This article discusses the weekend getaway options in Karnataka, India.

South India is home to some of the most wonderful destinations in all of India. It has immaculate slope stations in the hills, pristine shorelines, and some of the top urban communities in the nation. The area is a true standout and is home to the city of Bangalore, which is definitely worth a visit in its own right.


Here are 4 weekend getaway destinations in Karnataka:

Nandi Hills

Situated 60km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a little known weekend getaway close to Bangalore.  To reach it, you can simply take a taxi from Bangalore and then return in the same fashion.  If traveling from further afield, you can organize flights to and from Delhi, which operate all year round.

The Nandi Hills are located 1,479 meters above sea level and offer perfect opportunities for trekking and hiking.  If planning a trip with friends or colleagues, coordinating a group trekking or cycling event can not only restore and revitalize, but also serve as a bonding experience amongst those in the group.  The challenging slopes of the Nandi Hills will require the group to truly pull together as a team, each person helping the others to reach the top safely.



Coorg is another delightful town in the state of Karnataka, and is perfect for a weekend getaway.  It is astoundingly picturesque, as it is populated with lakes, streams, and mist-covered mountains.  The closest city to this stunning region is Mangalore, a beautiful town that makes for another nice destination in and of itself.  Arriving in this town, you can catch a taxi to Coorg and expect to arrive within about three and a half hours.  The rich greenery and beautiful espresso and tea estates make it another ideal destination for trekking.


Wonderla Amusement Park

For a nice measure of fun and excitement, spend a day at the Wonderla Amusement Park.  Situated about 28 km from Bangalore, this park is sprawled out over more than 82 sections of land taken up by over 56 thrill rides.  There is truly something for everyone here.  From Kid Rides to Water Rides, Dry Rides to High Thrill Rides, there's a nonstop sense of excitement here.



Just 50 kms away from Bangalore, Kanakapura is a haven for quiet time with just a touch of those city amenities to make your stay comfortable.  At the Nature Venture Camp, there's no shortage of hobbies and experiences to occupy your time.  Whether it be water sports, kayaking or paddle rafting, there will be something new for you to learn.