4 Foodie Travel Destinations

4 Foodie Travel Destinations

Every journey begins with a single step- or in this case, a single bite.

Food is a universal language that ties us all together, one we do not need to speak in order to be understood. Therefore, when you’re traveling, there’s no easier-or better tasting-way to learn about a culture than through its food.

Whether you’re looking to visit an American Cut Steakhouse or a humble family restaurant in the boondocks, there’s nothing quite like experiencing a culture through its food.

Looking to taste the world’s flavors?


Here are Some Gustatorily Renowned Destinations you Need to Check Out:


In terms of precision and tradition, Japanese food stands atop the food world in a class of its own. From symmetrically sliced bluefin tuna (otoro) to death-defying dishes of porcupine fish (fugu) to perfectly-torched slices of Wagyu beef, there’s an overwhelming subtlety and beauty--an oxymoron, but a true one nonetheless-that enriches its food scene.

Japanese are curt, quiet, and possibly the most respectful people in the planet, and all that translates on the plate. Each ingredient is treated with the utmost care and handled with a precision second to none that one can’t help but admire the amount of work and training that goes into it.

One reminder: never leave a tip. Japanese strongly believe that they don’t need to be paid more in order to deliver the highest service. Truly admirable.


New York

Nothing screams “Big City” quite like New York. Stroll on 5th Avenue and walk by the famous hotdog stands, indulge yourself in everything the city has to offer.

New York is a sprawling metropolis that holds everything you can think of from high-end fine dining restaurants to the best steak in Manhattan (possibly the world). Prepare for some good old-fashioned indulgence and just plain living life to the fullest.

Trust us, one trip to the city will leave you energized and wanting for more-even when you think you’ve already had all you could take.



Treat yourself to some decadent European refinement and walk the shops of the Champs Elysees. If you’re the lovey-dovey type, go for a date by the Seine or taste the world-famous macaroons of Laduree-or, better yet, set up a picnic mat and have some wine and cheese by the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is bursting with class and joie de vivre. Any foodie with a penchant for romance will surely leave this place with a full stomach and an even fuller heart.


The Philippines

A trod off the beaten path will get you face-to-face with the “best pork ever” - least to Anthony Bourdain. The Philippines boasts a variety of exotic flavors, infused with spices and seasoned to perfection. Visit Iloilo for $1 scallops fished out right in front of you or take a trip to Cebu for a hearty serving of lechon, the country’s unique take on suckling pig.

A short jaunt to the coast will get you up close to some of the freshest seafood you can find, and a night in the city show you flavors you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Plus, you can get a high-quality meal for less than $15, sometimes even less than $2!


Hungry yet? Pack your bags and get your stomach ready for some of the best food the world has to offer!