4 Beautiful US Destinations to Consider for Winter Camping

4 Beautiful US Destinations to Consider for Winter Camping

For many people, winter signals the end of camping season.

Intrepid backpackers know, though, that wintertime offers some of the most picturesque views to those who can stomach the chill.

Some places reveal their true majesty in the winter, while others are only tolerable in the tempered winter temperatures.

Here are four such places in the US, ripe for exploration when the temperature drops.


Four Places in the US To Camp When The Temperature Drops

Stokes State Forest, NJ

This beautiful spot tucked away in the northeast is open year round, but offers abundant activities for the winter warrior.

Gorgeous falls provide awesome backdrops for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling on any of the open trails.

Come during a deep enough freeze and both lakes are open for ice skating!

If you aren’t quite ready for true wintertime camping, the park offers cabins as well, which will keep you off the cold, hard ground for a minimum of two nights.


Joshua Tree National Park, CA

The trees that lend this park their name also give it its exquisite views.

Sunrise in the park highlights the gnarled, twisted branches stretching wildly into the sky, illuminating the prickly buds perched at the tops.

With summer temperatures climbing into the hundreds and holding steady, winter affords a chance for the heat sensitive to explore this American gem.

The lack of snow means that winter activities will be less skiing and more rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking the many wonderful trails, perfect for anyone looking to beat the heat.


Death Valley National Park, NV

Famously the hottest and driest place on Earth, Death Valley’s soaring summer temperatures turn off all but the most persistent.

Wintertime is much more amenable to human habitation, gifting visitors the opportunity to explore the park’s stunning landscapes.

For the truly adventurous, Death Valley also offers backcountry camping, which provides glimpses into one of the most otherworldly areas in America.


Denali National Park and Preserve, AK

With snowfalls of 12 to 18 inches typical throughout the season, Denali offers some unique experiences for the devoted camper.

Among the activities popular here are the more typical cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling, but also dog sledding.

The absurdly cold winter temperatures necessitate the need for a solar generator to keep warm, but the resplendent views are well worth it.


Don’t waste the winter months wiling away indoors under the assumption that wintertime necessitates staying indoors.

Snow camping is an amazing experience in and of itself, but even if the cold turns you off, numerous sites exist that are much more habitable in the cooler winter months.

If none of these locations speak to you, try one of America’s other 10,000+ state parks and witness the beauty the country has to offer!