4 Awesome Places for Hiking in South Carolina

4 Awesome Places for Hiking in South Carolina

With the warmer seasons approaching, why not take some time to explore the lovely US state of South Carolina by taking yourself, your friends, and your family on a few beautiful hiking and camping trips?

South Carolina has a variety of trails that vary in ease, length, and terrain.

There are so many to choose from, so we definitely recommend you do some research and learn about all of the beautiful options South Carolina has to offer.

In the mean time, we’ve put together our list of 4 top hiking and camping trails.


Top 4 Hiking and Camping Trails in South Carolina

1) Jones Gap

Located in Marietta, SC – Jones Gap offers over 11,000 acres of hiking trails. It’s an incredible park that is full of waterfalls and beautiful overlooks. There are a variety of trails that range from easy to strenuous so we recommend taking a look at the park map before you get started. 

You can do some extended hiking trips here, so dress wisely. Be sure to bring a lightweight backpack and comfortable clothes. Summer is tick season so wear long hiking pants and a long sleeve-hiking shirt.


2) Raven Cliff Falls Trail

Located in Greenville, SC – Raven Cliff Falls Trail is for more avid hikers. The trail is over 8 miles long, it includes a waterfall and a suspended bridge with a view. The terrain is very steep and jagged – you’ll definitely want to have your hiking boots ready. I would also advise hiking poles for the steeper sections.


3) Sassafras Mountain Trail 

Located in Sassafras Mountain, SC – this trail is almost 10 miles long. The terrain is strenuous, like at Raven Cliff Falls trail, but just as beautiful. The Lake along the way is worth the trip alone. There is lots of wildlife as well and if you are a bird watching fan, you will love this trail. You’ll have incredible views of the French Broad River Valley. It is a 1-way trail, meaning you’ll need two cars.


4) Table Rock State Park

Table Rock State Park is located in Pickens, SC – it’s a moderate trail with beautiful views of the state. The trail is just under 7 miles, and it does have some rugged parts of the trail. The end of the trail will offer a view that is stunning and it’s worth every step. There are a few primitive campsites along the way so bring your camping gear. Be careful during the dry season with campfires!


South Carolina is full of beautiful terrain, waterfalls, and sight-seeing adventures! Take advantage of the warmer weather and see what this beautiful state has to offer.

There are plenty of trails and camp grounds that cater to avid hikers, family outings, and even you and your dog.