4 Amazing Places to Visit in Italy

4 Amazing Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is an astonishing country located in Southern Europe, a great place for a relaxing beach holiday, active tourism and traveling.

Italy is a world treasure trove of art. On relatively small territory, there are a huge number of architectural and cultural monuments.

In Italy, there are more than 8 thousand big and small cities, but there are only a few you should surely visit – otherwise it is not considered that you were in Italy.



Start your journey with the city of fashion Milan – Italy's largest transport interchange. Rent a car at Milan airport and go on an incredible tour around the great "boot". The city is one of the most popular destinations of the so-called "wedding tourism", a paradise for shopaholics and the birthplace of Armani and Versace. It is worth visiting the historical sites and attractions such as the Gothic Duomo, the oldest shopping arcade Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the medieval Sforza Castle, the picturesque park Sempione and, of course, fresco of the Last Supper of the great Leonardo.



The next point is Verona. Distance between Milan and Verona is about 160 km. Probably, there is no person to whom the love story of Romeo and Juliette wouldn't be known. Verona, the scene of action of the Shakespeare play, enjoys extreme popularity among lovers. It is impossible not to glance in Juliette's courtyard to see a balcony under which Romeo sang serenades to his beloved, or to visit one of the operas in the magnificent Arena di Verona. It is also worth strolling along the city's main square Piazza delle Erbe and relaxing in the beautiful garden Giardino Giusti.



Italy is like a paradise for lovers.  Here is located one of the most romantic cities in the world – Venice. The city is only 115 km from Verona. This is a fabulous city on the water with infinite bridges. Start with the district of San Marco, where most of the attractions are and the heart of the city – the area where the imposing cathedral are situated. Here are the Ducal Palace, Campanile Tower, Bridge of Sighs, and a dozen other places, taken under protection of UNESCO. Other sights are Castello, San Polo, Santa Croce.



The longest way is from Venice to Rome – about 526 km. However, you shouldn’t miss it. You will pass and enjoy the beauties of such cities as Bologna and Florence. The eternal city Rome - the capital of Italy and the Lazio region. In Rome, there is an incredible concentration of historic monuments. It is the place of the clash between past, present and future: the Capitol Hill, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and others. Caesar, Michelangelo, Charlemagne once walked on these streets.


Journeying around the most popular cities of Italy will make a road trip of about 800 km. Italy is an ideal country for those who love active travel with a smack of history, adventures, tasty and nourishing dishes.

This is the country, which is worth visiting more than once.