3 Volcanos You Need to Visit in Costa Rica

3 Volcanos You Need to Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise for nature beauty and volcanos, with their spectacular diversity, should be at the top of our list of places to visit in Costa Rica.

The best part is, no matter where you are in Costa Rica there is probably a volcano not too far away. Costa Rica is one of the most volcanic regions of the world.

The eruptions from these volcanos have made the soil here very rich and fertile. Because of this, the plant life is lush and diverse. The lush landscape also contributes to a large variety of birds and wildlife.

Most of the regions around the volcanos are parks and offer some of the best areas for hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, horseback riding and camping. The volcanos of Costa Rica are unique and have their own characteristics. 


Here are the Top Volcanos to Visit in Costa Rica:


By far the most famous of Costa Ricas volcanos and for good reason. It has the “look” of what you would expect from a volcano. The perfect cone shape along with its constant rumblings, makes it a remarkable sight.

The surrounding park is a spectacular rain forest that is rich with plant life and a wide variety of birds and wildlife. If you enjoy coffee, be sure to sample the local blend. It is among the best in the world due to the rich soil from the Arenal volcano.



If you decide to visit the Poas volcano, the best time is from May through November. During this time, you can climb to the top of the volcano and look into the caldera which is currently active.

At the bottom of the caldera is a boiling acid lake, which is a sight to behold. There are two other calderas that are not active and one of them has a beautiful blue lake at the bottom that overflows down the side of the volcano to form the headwaters for the Sarapiqui River.



It’s been some time since the Irazu volcano has erupted. John F Kennedy was president at the time and was present when it did. The Irazu volcano is in the central region of Costa Rica and as a result, on a clear day you can see both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans from the top.

All of the eruptions in the past have resulted in a rich, fertile soil that has some of the most diverse species of plant and wildlife in the country. The slopes of the volcano are a popular grazing area for cattle and the trails leading up to the volcano are home to a wide variety of exotic birds like the toucan, tanager and the tapir. If you are a bird lover, you will be in heaven exploring the area surrounding the Irazu volcano.


There are over 60 volcanos for you to explore in Costa Rica. You could spend a lifetime exploring them all. The active volcanos also have hot springs where you can take a therapeutic mud bath or just sit in the mineral waters and enjoy the biodiversity of the area.