3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Booking Cheap Flights

3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Booking Cheap Flights

The holiday season is upon us. Many of your friends are scooting off to exotic countries on the other side of the world, or to visit their relatives and friends in other cities.

What are you doing? Sitting at home, moping over the fact that the cost of tickets is high.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get on your feet and book a ticket now.

Booking a cheap flight ticket is not as difficult as you think. Seasoned travelers and experts will tell you how effortless a task it is to book a low cost ticket, without having to strain the budget. There are tips and tricks which you have to pay attention to for successfully booking an inexpensive flight ticket.


These 3 top factors are sure to assist you in your endeavor to find the cheapest ticket:

1. Book on Weekdays

No matter where you are traveling – whether to a city in the neighboring state or the continent that is thousands of miles away, it is an unwritten golden rule for booking flight tickets that weekdays are the cheapest. From the second half of Tuesday to the first half of Thursday, flights of all airlines are cheaper as compared to other days of the week. If you are traveling for a longer duration, it would be wise to book arrival and departure on weekdays. Additionally, the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket.


2. Use Air Miles

Find The Cheapest Flights by using your air miles. If you frequently fly with a particular airline or two on a regular basis, you are sure to have accumulated a fair amount of air miles. Now that you are longing for a holiday or to visit a loved one, use the air miles or a part for further reduction of flight prices.


3. Go For Multiple Airlines

Booking a single flight from destination A to destination B can be costly. What you can do is, opt for stopovers and book multiple airlines. Costs will vary and will save a good amount of money. This is a must if you are traveling with a big family or group. While you embark on your journey from destination A on flight X, get down at destination AB to change the route to flight Y and proceed ahead to destination B.


Apart from these tips, there is another important cost saving measure you can apply – opting for no perks. The total cost of the ticket increases when you opt of on-air perks such as a specific seat or food, etc. Opting out of it will save you an ample amount of money. A no-frills travel is best when the flight duration is short- one to five hours.

When you start browsing to book the cheapest flight, be a little flexible on the dates. Off season dates to particular locations are extremely cheap. Explore options by picking different dates. See what suits you best. For emergencies, one has no choice but to take the first flight out. But where you do have a choice to save money, you should exercise the aforementioned tips and suggestions for the most effective cost saving measure. Pack up your bags for the holiday and find a cheap flight and book a ticket now!