3 Great European Destinations for Kosher Travelers

3 Great European Destinations for Kosher Travelers

It’s always a great adventure to get on a plane and discover a whole new culture.

The only problem is that some countries are more easy to travel to than others when it comes to dietaries requirements. For example, many european countries are a bit forgetful of vegetarians or kosher tourists.

Here are 3 great destinations for Israeli Kosher Travelers so that you can enjoy your tours to Europe without wasting all day looking for a restaurant!


3 Great European Destinations for Israeli Kosher Travelers

1. Italy

Italy is the best for Kosher Travelers. In fact, there’s still big communities of Jewish people in the major cities like Rome, Turin, Milan and Florence. You can go and enjoy the most delicious pizzas in the world in Naples without a single worry!

In Rome, explore the ancient history of the city by wandering down the streets. You’re sure to find an ancient piece of stone around almost every corner! In Venice, you can glide down the canals with your loved one in the most romantic city in the world.

Italy is the country of love and food and art, a place full of life and sunshine, where people talk loudly and will befriend you in a second, wherever you come from. If the north of the country is very modern, you can still feel some of the old Italy as you go further south. The little villages on the coast, the old way of life, the people sitting in front of their house to look at you passing by … and the food! Pizza, pasta, bread, fruits, olives, … there’s nowhere like Italy to wake up your tastebuds.

If you want more of the traditional Italian way of life, you can push as far as sunny Sicily, another perfect destination for Kosher Travelers!


2. Portugal

Portugal is one of the wonders of Europe, and it has its own culture and way of thinking. In Portugal, you need to learn to rise late, enjoy life, work as little as you can, nap and eat as late as possible. Siesta and fiesta are the two main words, and doesn’t that just sounds like the perfect vacation?

Portugal also has a big Jewish heritage dating back to medieval times, especially in the capital of Lisbon. As this country is still alive with medieval history, you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking architecture of the many castles still standing all over the country!

When you’re tired of old stones, the beaches of Portugal are always there waiting under the sun. In the south, in cities like Faro and Lagos, you’ll find the typical Mediterranean way of living. You’ll quickly understand that napping, eating olives and being as relaxed as possible is the way to travel through this part of the country.

In short, Portugal is ideal for anyone who likes sunshine, whether you plan on spending your holiday by the pool or if you’re a history fan. If you want more Paella and sun, take the opportunity to travel through Spain to get back to central Europe, you won’t regret it!


3. England

Let’s go further north to the really central Europe. England is not very sunny and the beaches are not as attractive as the two first destinations on that list, but London is one of the greatest hub of civilisations and religions, making it a perfect base for the Kosher Traveler to explore more of this wonderful country.

In England, you’ll find an incredible history going back all the way to vikings. You can explore absolutely beautiful buildings like the numerous colleges in Oxford or go for even more mystical ones like the standing stones of Stonehenge.  

Of course, London is also known for its amazing nightlife and cultural scene. Museums, shows, concerts, street performances, markets, … it’s impossible to be bored in this wonderful city, and you’re sure to find activities to fit your travel style! And let’s not forget the english countryside, who also has a lot to offer with its little cute houses and rolling hills of green.

From London, you also have the possibilities to explore the wonders of the whole United Kingdom, from the incredible landscapes of Scotland, to the rugged coasts of Ireland. And you only have to jump on a train to go back to Europe’s mainland!


What trips to Europe are you going to pick?

This continent is such a big and diverse place that it can be hard to choose where to go. One piece of advice is to not try and see everything at once by rushing from capital to capital. These countries, their history and their cultures, all merit to be thoroughly discovered, so take your time!