A 3 to 5 day bushwalk through Litchfield National Park, Australia

A 3 to 5 day bushwalk through Litchfield National Park, Australia

This three-to-five day bushwalk will allow you to experience the lush woodlands, tumbling waterfalls and swimming holes that make the region a special nature playground. The track is recommended for experienced bushwalkers with a good level of fitness. Obtain a permit prior to your walk from the PWCNT office. Phone: (08) 8999 4524.

Section 1 Wangi Falls to Walker Creek.
Enter Tabletop Track from the link walk at Wangi Falls. Allow 7 hours to walk the 18.5 kms trail to Walker Creek. There are great views winding up and down along the edge of the escarpment. Walk through open woodland and cross creeks lined with pandanus. To make this section a two-day walk, stop at the bush campsite located at Tjenya Falls. The campsites at Walker Creek offer a beautiful oasis of stepped waterfalls tumbling into deep pools.

Section 2 Walker Creek to Florence Falls.
There are several shady places to rest beside a creek on the 12.3 kms track between Walker Creek and Florence Falls. Over the 5 hours of the walk, cross several rills of water, walk beside tall sandstone formations and through masses of cycads. At the end of the day, you will be rewarded with a swim in the plunge pool at Florence Falls.

Section 3 Florence Falls to Wangi Falls.
Follow the track from Florence Falls to Wangi Falls and pass beside stringybarks, paperbarks and pandanus. Allow 8 hours to cover this 19.7 kms section that crosses broken, rocky ground. If you are staying overnight camp at the small Tabletop campsite located beside a beautiful, terraced cascade. Alternatively, continue on to finish the track at your starting point.

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