21 Tips for the 21st Century Solo Female Traveler

21 Tips for the 21st Century Solo Female Traveler

People are often concerned on whether or not solo female travel is safe.

And as a solo female traveler, let me say YES!

Although I say it's safe to travel as a solo female, let me clarify that we are living in a changing world and we always need to take certain precautions to ensure a safe trip. By traveling smarter we can travel safer. 

This doesn't just apply to female travelers, but any traveler.

As a woman, the travel advice I'm often given is to "wear a fake wedding ring" or to "never tell anyone if you are single". While these pieces of advice alone may work for some, I'm going to guess that they probably won't cut it for the majority of solo female travelers.


So I present to you my 21 tips for the 21st century solo female traveler:

Before Departure

1. Copy all travel documents (passport, flight itinerary, etc.) Keep a set separate from the originals with you and leave a set with someone trustworthy back home.

2. Give someone a copy of your itinerary. Even if you don’t have a set plan, try to give them whatever information you do have and let them know you’ll get in contact with them once you arrive and have more details.

3. Register at your Embassy. By registering at your local Embassy, people will have an idea of whereabouts and will also send you important travel alerts incase of an emergency.

4. Research areas you should avoid. It’s best to know in advanced if there is a part of town you shouldn’t venture into when alone. And if you forget to do the research before you leave, at least ask at the front desk of your hotel.

5. Book your first nights accommodation. Now I know a lot of people like to just find a hotel upon arrival, but as a female solo traveler I would recommend having your first night planned, just so you can get your bearings.

6. Pay a bit extra to stay someplace that has good security. Being in an area that is near a main road and is well lit is also important.

7. Write a few key words down in the local language. Not all countries will have good English skills. Make sure to write down a couple of useful phrases, as well as your hotel name and the country’s emergency number.


Things to Pack

8. Pack a rubber doorstop. Use it to wedge under your door at night if you’re staying someplace where you don’t feel secure. This will prevent people from being able to get in easily and it won’t crack like a wooden stopper.

9. Carry a whistle. Blowing a loud whistle will draw attention in any country. It’s great to carry incase of emergencies.

10. Walk with your cellphone. Even if your cellphone doesn’t work in the country you’re in, it can be useful to pretend you’re talking on the phone. This can help you to feel more confident and can also deter someone who is following you.


During Your Trip

11. Communicate with people back home. Even a simple tweet or picture from your travels will let others know you’re safe.

12. Be vague to people you meet. It’s great to make friends on the road, but be careful what information you share with them. People never need to know where you’re staying and that you’re alone.

13. Dress appropriately. Now I’m not saying you need to wear burka if you’re traveling in a Muslim country, but dress smart. Be aware of when you may need to leave that super cute miniskirt at home in exchange for a long maxi dress. (Extra tip: even though you might be traveling solo, a sarong will become your new best friend on the road!)

14. You don’t need to wear that Gucci bag or Tiffany’s necklace while traveling. While it may be the one expensive item you own, robbers won’t know that. Don’t make yourself a target; leave it at home.

15. Avoid going out at night alone. This is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprise how often it happens. Enjoy some relaxing “me” time back at the hotel—or if you really want to go out, try to get a group of other travelers to go with you.

16. Watch anything you drink, and please don’t get drunk. Again, you would think this should be a no-brainer, but it happens.

17. Don’t fumble around. It’s tempting to pull out maps or guides when out and about, but this can make you a target. If you need a minute to look at these things, try going into a café and do it there.

18. Act confident. It’s hard to blend in when you may obviously look like a tourist. At least act like you know your way around.

19. Crowded public places are your friend. If you ever feel uneasy, like you’re being watched or followed, slip into a hotel lobby or a restaurant.

20. Trust your instincts. People have them for a reason and often they end up being correct about a situation!

21.  Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s much better to be embarrassed over reading a situation incorrectly, than to find yourself in a horrible situation. Better safe than sorry!


Travel tip shared by Besudesu Abroad