2 Reasons to Visit Swaziland Now!

2 Reasons to Visit Swaziland Now!

The beauty of the nature will take your breath away. Wherever you go you meet  a peaceful and unspoiled scenery; impossive mountains, endless land and numerous of outdoor activities all year round.

Apart from the amazing nature,  visitors also enjoy great traditioanl art with world wide reputation and an impressive variety of  handmade crafts. Here are some of the top in the country.


The art of being fragile


Back in 1979 with Swedish Aid an innovative factory was built in Ngwenya  . They imported machinery and equipment then called Swazi people to help them with the re-birth of the age-old art of glassblowing. The Locals were amazed and inspired by this great art and embraced it from the very beginning.

Two of the artists were even sent to Sweden to be trained by top world leaders in glassblowing in order for them to return to Swaziland and educate their colleges back home.

Since 1987 the Ngwenya glassblowing factory has become a very dynamic and creative hive of authentic and unique pieces of art with more than 60 employees and a reputation that travels beyond the borders of Swaziland.

This is a success story that inspires both locals and visitors as they produce handmade tableware including glasses, vases, jugs, ornamental African animals and almost anything you could imagine from 100% recycled glass.

People are even encouraged to bring clean glass bottles to the factory by the kilo as they can get paid for them.

The Ngwenya Glass complex is situated near indigenous gardens and surrounded by beautiful nature. As a visitor you can witness first hand the wonderful art of glassblowing in their workshop from an overhead balcony. You may also enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine, which is served in a handmade Ngwenya Glass piece of art.

Visit the shop before you go and make sure you buy at least one of these breath-taking pieces of art back home with you!


An inspiring stroll through a natural Mall!

The ultimate alternative experience to the Western world's malls. You need to spend a few hours strolling around this center that boasts an eclectic selection of outlets of some of the finest handicraft products in the country – many of them exporting their products around the world. The feel of the center is natural, casual and full of fabulous imagination.

The beautifully decorative Swazi Candles are hand made using the age old technique of the ancient Alexandrian art called “millefiore”.

This technique is used to create stunning, colourful designs on the hard wax casing used for the outside of the candle which create a fabulous glow as the inside of the candle burns.

They also have a wonderful variety of organic handmade soaps, body butters and natural oils.

The music filled workshop is open to the public 7 days a week. Don’t miss them!


Check out Rosecraft Weaving – an enterprise that creates wonderful, organic home décor accessories and fashion items. Vibrant colours and natural materials with a luxurious touch make each and every item unique; all items are made by  40 local rural women who are highly skilled in weaving, hand spinning and other traditional techniques.  

At Yebo Contemporary Art Gallery you will find exciting fine art created by emerging and established professional Swazi artists. The contemporary art scene in Swaziland is very dynamic; events and exhibitions happen on a regular basis. Have  a look at Yebo Artreach – a non profit organisation with an emphasis on providing training and paid work for local artists whilst running creative arts projects for various beneficiaries and organisations.

Baobak Batik is another member of the center with a passion to push the boundaries of this special art form through contemporary, inspired design and by creating a great work place for the artisans to create.

Employing 35 talented people, they make unique batiks and various interior decorative products and fashion accessories. Don’t miss the popular Tubular Scarf collection.

If you need some spice to keep yourself going, stop by the famous Black Mamba cantina and taste some gourmet chilli products which are all organically grown and dangerously tasty.

Another must see is Amarasti. A handcraft entity, which employs 52 women and allows them to work from home enabling them to look after families and be present for their children. 

They produce a sensational variety of bags and homeware products using high quality fabrics combined with silks, traditional cloth and glass beads. The women take the designs home to embroider and then bring to the factory to assemble the final products. The intricate patterns and brilliant colours will brighten your day.


If you love desserts and homemade snacks head to Sambane Tea Garden. Serving a delicious choice of breakfasts and lunches they also offer specialty coffees and dishes of the day with a delightful playground for children in a beautiful garden setting.

Quazi Swazi is an interesting shop stocked with an array of books, clothes and jewellery. The perfect stop for a memento of your trip to the country or a travelling read.

In addition to the formal shops there is a small craft market selling craft, traditional Swazi jewellery and beadwork and some awesome carvings. The carvers workshop is set under sprawling trees and you are welcome to chat and watch them at their work.

All in all worth the visit!



Travel tip written by Villy Manolia


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