19 Reasons to Travel Full Time

19 Reasons to Travel Full Time

Traveling is always an exquisite experience of joy, relaxation and knowledge acquisition.

But unfortunately, we’ve restricted this enthusiastic activity to vacationing and business trips. And when we hear about someone being a full-time traveler we either make fun of that person or criticize callously.

But now the time has come to bring a change in our thinking patterns.

The way we justify our employment rationally, is the same way that full-time travelers can justify their reason to choose traveling over lavish careers. It's impossible to share each full-time travelers reasoning, but here is a shot at pointing out 19 reasons for full-time traveling.

I’m sure by the end of this article many of you will dream of a never-ending journey! Don't just dream it... make it happen!  ;-)

So? Shall we begin?


19 Reasons to Travel Full Time

1. Traveling is now budgeted!

Usually, people don’t travel or only manage to do so once a year due to budget issues. But now the travel companies have resolved this issue by offering reasonable holiday packages and additional concessions.


2. It’s a beautiful world

This world is full of nature’s wonders and deserves to be praised. Miraculous gems like Salar De Uyuni salt plant in Bolivia and Plitvice Lake in Croatia should be seen with one’s own eyes to understand the true meanings of beauty.


3. Meet some amazing people

Full-time traveling allows you to meet new inspiring people belonging to different nationalities. It helps to create an international social circle that includes acquaintances from all around the world.


4. Explore different cultures

You grow up in a local culture and lead a lifestyle accordingly. But the world is home to various cultures and traveling allows you to explore different native traditions and taboos that might shock or excite you.


5. Learn new Languages

Some people enjoy learning foreign languages such as Norwegian, Spanish and the romantic French. Well, being a full-time traveler you don’t only get to learn new languages but also gain fluency due to frequent use.


6. Adapt to new lifestyles

Being an inhabitant of a place, you spend years and in some cases your whole life in a solitary lifestyle. Whereas full-time traveling provides the opportunity of adapting to different new ways of living more frequently. From the simple life of rural areas to lavish living of urban cities, you may get to experience a lot.


7. Upgrade the souvenir collection

If you’re a person who keeps requesting his/her traveling family members and friends to bring souvenirs for your collection then you, my friend, have a very good reason to travel full time. You’ll be able to get a Kendama from Japan and handmade perfumed candles from Paris yourself.


8. Earning and pleasure together!

If traveling is providing a pleasant way of earning then why not utilize it? You can go to mesmerizing places and take incredible photos for selling or even write travel articles as a freelancer.


9. Become a free bird

You know birds migrate from one place to another in the result of seasonal change. And now you can do the same. If you’re a snow lover, travel to Bavarian Alps in Germany and if you want to taste an amazing summer then head off to Florida in the USA. In simple, being a full-time traveler you can enjoy whichever season you desire.


10. Beat the depression & anxiety

Living in one place for a longer duration and leading that same hum-drum life can lead to depression. Whereas full-time traveling never lets the locational stress possess you. You can simply leave your anxiety behind by moving to a new place.


11. Chase your dreams

Remember in your childhood you kept saying, ‘I’ll go to Canada to see Niagara Falls one day’? You might have also planned to visit Great Wall of China and Colosseum in Rome. Well, now is the time to chase your dreams and travel from one corner of the world to another.


12. One place cannot satisfy you

That’s so true! I mean if you think that you’ll find a place offering delicious food, impressive employment, friendly community and refreshing entertainment then please reconsider this thought. Therefore, choose to travel full time so you can enjoy every aspect of life in best form.


13. Connect to nature

Full time traveling is different from annual tours and vacationing. Instead of experiencing the luxurious materialistic life you’ll get to connect with nature through camping in mountains, sitting by the lake and witnessing various colors of sunsets in different countries.


14. Taste culturally diverse cuisines

Foodies have an unquestionable reason of traveling full time. I mean who can question the food cravings. From Pie Floater of Australia to Feijoada of Brazil and tandoori chicken of India to Neopolitan-styled Pizza of Italy, you can eat diverse cuisines prepared with native cultural methods.


15. Engage in world’s history

You are an active being of this world and know nothing about its history. What a pity! Traveling engages history cognizance and allows people to learn more deeply about historical heritages.


16. Experience life’s different perspectives

When something bad happens, for instance, failed an exam or couldn't’t pass an employment interview, we begin cursing our lives. That is because we have no idea of hungry kids of Guinea and crippling poverty of Mozambique. Through traveling, we experience different perspectives of life and learn to define the terms ‘bad and good’ more appropriately.


17. Discover your true personality

Living in one place and following the same schedule regularly will never let you discover your true self. You have to step out of your comfort zone and travel to polish your real personality by adapting to new places and environment.


18. Overcome your fears

Afraid of heights? Go to Royal Gorge Bridge in the USA for Bungee jumping. Fear of ocean? Head to Sayulita in Mexico for surfing at Pacific coast. Whatever the fear is, don’t give in and travel to overcome all your phobias.


19. You’ve got only one life!

Above all, remember you have got only one life and you have to make the most of it. Go to places, enjoy the serenity of beaches, witness wonders of nature and live freely without any boundaries. Just travel to do whatever, wherever and whenever you want to do!


To conclude, you belong to this whole world hence don’t let one country restrict you to its borders.

Travel and see what this beautiful world has to offer you!