15 of the Best Budget Friendly Destinations

15 of the Best Budget Friendly Destinations

Travelling the world doesn’t always have to be something that you have to save years for. While it is nice to splash out on a fancy holiday with all the bells and whistles of an all-inclusive trip, you can also get amazing travel experiences without splashing out your life savings.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly holiday, here are 15 of the best budget friendly destinations around the world to plan your next trip.


1. Vietnam

All Southeast Asian countries are extremely budget friendly, for both backpackers and those looking for a little bit more luxury. There are loads of hostels available that can go for as little as $2 a night, as well as some of the fancier hotels also coming at a very reasonable price. Food wise, the street food is the best – tastiest as well as extremely cheap.
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2. India

India is known as one of the cheapest countries to travel to. From bright colours, rich smells, delicious cuisine and breath-taking sights, India has much to offer and at very affordable costs. Whether you travel up north to the richer areas of Delhi, Rajasthan, Agra and Varanasi or further down south to the more rural areas, you should be able to get by with a small budget. Sometimes the cities are bit cheaper than the more rural areas, however all round India is very affordable.
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3. South Africa

South Africa has safaris, mountains, forests, big cities, vineyards, vast coastlines and wide open Savannahs  - you really can experience it all in South Africa, and cheaply when converting your Dollars, Euros or Pounds to Rands. The Rand is quite weak at the moment, which means that you can get much more than you bargained for when doing your conversions. You can enjoy some of the best restaurants, bars and activities in the country on a fairy low budget.
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4. Hungary

Like Southeast Asia, the Eastern European countries are much cheaper than its Western counterparts. While Ukrain, Romania and Bulgaria probably fair cheaper than Hungary, Hungary is a more popular destination, with the capital city Budapest being on many travellers lists of must-see Eastern Europe cities. You can still get great deals in this city, for even greater deals venture into the outskirts of the city.
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5. Greece

With their economy taking a knock, the cost of travelling to Greece is much lower than it would have been a few years ago – so now is the time to take advantage. Do a bit of research before you go to look for the cheaper islands to visit, the famous Santorini and Mykonos islands can still be rather costly so rather venture off the beaten path to the quieter islands like Paros or Skiathos.
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6. Portugal

One of the most affordable countries in Western Europe, Portugal is generally cheaper than its neighbour Spain with just as much to offer. Portugal is known for reasonable accommodation when compared to other Western Europe destinations as well as reasonably priced dining prices. Make sure stay away from the more tourist ridden beach towns and main cities to keep your budget down, also dine in restaurants off the main tourist path.
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7. Slovenia

For those looking for an adventurous winter snow experience on a budget, look no further than Bled in Slovenia. You can enjoy a snowy holiday with snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports at a very reasonable price. We all know how expensive snowboarding and skiing can be, so take advantage of Slovenia’s cheap prices with beautiful scenery.
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8. Southern Italy

While a bit off the beaten path, and a bit trickier to get to, the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy is an amazing destination. The trick to staying within budget here is to get as involved with the locals as much as you can. Look out for the family run B&B’s, local tour guides, fresh produce and back alley restaurants.
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9. Fiji

Fiji is a popular destination for budget honeymoons, especially for Australians. Fiji is situated between Hawaii and New Zealand and made up of 322 islands. There are many resorts available on the islands, both adult-only for honeymooners seeking peace and quiet as well as family friendly resorts. The Yasawa Island chains generally have good budget friendly options available.
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10. Mexico

For endless beaches and ocean activities that don’t cost a fortune, head over to Mexico. You can often pick up great deals at all-inclusive resorts situated along the beachfronts. You’ll have to book in advance, but these types of resort holidays are great for family getaways or romantic honeymoons.
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11. Honduras

Central America is not always a destination raved about by travellers, as it’s not hailed as the safest or easiest place to travel. However, there are of course the little gems within the continent. For the best bargains head to Honduras, here you’ll enjoy white sand and palm tree lined beach fronts, cheap food and drink, and cheap accommodation. The perfect place to sit back and enjoy a cheap cocktail on the beach.
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12. Sri Lanka

The picture perfect paradise of Sri Lanka with its mountains, waterfalls, trees and vast tea plantations has managed to stay on the side-lines of popular Asian destinations. For that reason, you can often pick up five-star luxury accommodation at very affordable prices. Enjoy hotels on the beach or in the jungle, with delicious food and pure relaxation.
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13. Indonesia

When thinking about travelling to Indonesia, people always think about Bali. But there are more than 17 thousands little islands in Indonesia that are just as beautiful and way more budget friendly than Bali. You get the same kind of experience of relaxing all day on a beach with the occasional venture out for some scuba diving, but without the huge expense that comes with the more commercial destinations (and likely less crowds too).
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14. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is great for a cheaper Caribbean holiday. Accommodation is generally much cheaper than other Caribbean destinations, with great packages available year-round. There is also plenty to do – lively nightlife, beaches to relax on, snorkelling and city adventures.
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15. Philippines

Visit the Philippines for a budget friendly holiday in paradise. Skip the expensive tourist islands and head straight to one of the lesser known islands – you have over 7 000 to choose from! With the hundreds of beach resorts, B&B’s, backpackers and hotels along the beach you can enjoy your exotic island vacation while remaining in your budget.
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The key to budget friendly travel is planning ahead, booking in advance often comes with great discounts, and it also allows you more time to do decent research on the different options available so that you make sure to book the best deal. Also, be on the constant lookout for deals – whether it be for accommodation, flights, or activities, every buck saved is worth it!

Of course it’s best to look for budget friendly destinations on your side of the world, flights can be one of the most expensive costs when it comes to travel so rather stick with destinations close to home rather than flying to the other side of the world for your budget holiday.


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