11 Popular Museums in Hamburg, Germany

11 Popular Museums in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg publishes a thick, detailed booklet of local museums called "Museemswelt Hamburg". You can find the Museemswelt Hamburg at the information desk at any of the museums.

- Deichtorhallen — The Deichtorhallen is one of the best known exhibition galleries worldwide. The historical buildings are divided into an exhibition hall for contemporary art and the "House of Photography". Together the two buildings organize a highly diverse program of changing exhibitions.

- Altonaer Museum — Dedicated to Altona's, Hamburg's and northern Germany's cultural history.

- BallinStadt Auswanderwelt Hamburg (BallinStadt — History of Emigraton), Originally built in 1892 under the guidance of Albert Ballin, the complex was built to provide medical care and accommodation to immigrants, who were emigrating to the United States on HAPAG ships. The complex was converted into a museum, though, it's original design and layout is not the same because parts of the complex were destroyed. The museum is dedicated to the five million persons who emigrated via Hamburg.
Veddeler Bogen 2,
Tel: +49/ (0)40/ 3197916-0
(info@ballinstadt.de, fax: +49/ (0)40/ 3197916-20),

- Deutsches Zollmuseum — (admission free).

- Kunsthalle - The museum houses an important collection of paintings from the 19th century with works from Max Liebermann, Lovis Corinth, Philipp Otto Runge, Caspar David Friedrich, Adolf Menzel, and modern arts. It rises on both sides of a paved court. The Baroque building on one side has the older works. The areas under the courtyard and the other, modern looking building house an extensive collection of very modern art. There are some extremely fine pieces, but the quality is uneven and the curacy curious at times. For instance, in a far back corner with minimal climate control and no observation are four or five gorgeous French Impressionist paintings which are among the finest in the museum.
Glockengießerwall near Hauptbahnhof,
Telephone 428 131-200, Fax 428 54-3409
Open Tu-Su 10AM-6PM, Th 10AM-9PM.

- Museumshafen Övelgönne — (admission free).

- Museum für Kommunikation is closed to visitors. The museum exhibited the history of 400 years of communication.

- Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe - The museum is a leading centre for art, applied art, and design. Its collections of work from Europe and the Middle and the Far East are of the finest-quality and span all epochs from the Ancient World to the present day. They also have many activities and concerts (see the Classical Music section). The museum is housed in an 18th century palace, which has the original roofs and ceilings.
Glockengießerwall, just to the southeast of Hauptbahnhof,
Telephon 489 133-200, Fax 426 136-29 32,
Open Tu-Su, 10AM-6PM, Th 10AM-9PM, €5.

- Hamburg-Museum (former: Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte), Holstenwall, close to Underground station "St. Pauli". This is the museum of city history, bringing the past to life with a lot of models showing the development of the harbour and the city. The club "MEHEV" is showing a 40-year old and one of the largest scale-1 model railroads here.

- Museum für Völkerkunde, Rothenbaumchaussee, Museum of Ethnology.

- Spicey's Gewürzmuseum, (Spice Museum) located in the Speicherstadt. They claim to be the world's only spice museum. Entrance is €3.


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