10 Type of People you Meet on the Beach

10 Type of People you Meet on the Beach

Well, beaches are always fun to be at; especially for water babies and beach bums.

When you step onto a beach, with sun shining over your head, with your vibrant flip-flops all ready to be sand-kissed, you are already looking forward to a rejuvenating time that can take your mind off your mundane schedule. But, then you meet these people who are out there to simply just piss you off or take away those 3 hours of relaxation that you hoped you’d get!

Let’s hope you never encounter these type of beach-bummers!


The 10 Worst People You’ll Encounter At The Beach

The Bare-it-All

Well, congrats on the bikini body, but if you make every beach a naked beach then there is something definitely wrong with you. It’s good that you are so confident about your body, but the others are not as confident about being seeing it all!


The Kid in the Adult’s body

Take cue from Joey in Friends, you will always find an adult trying to build a castle or do some sort of thing to revisit their childhood. See, kids are easy to deal with- and they are pretty cute to watch too, but adults who are hell bent on creating their magnum opus can get really nasty if you get in their way.


The Adult in the Kid’s body

There is always this kid who does not want to do any of those stereo typical things that kids like. He wants to sit on the beach side with his book. Now, such kids are adorable, because well they are doing what they want to – till they start acting like my old Grandma Sally. They will start commenting on people who are out there just wasting their lives and will go out of their way to make the experience miserable for anybody and everybody.


The Creator-NOOTT

Then, of course there is this wannabe Gaudi who things he can create a masterpiece with white sand, stones and well a lot of sea shells. It’s good to be proud of your art..but even reality is a thing right?


The Destroyer

Then, you will always find that 9 year old or 13 year old or 21 year old who is just on a rampant rage of wanting to destruct whatever comes in their way.. so much so that even the crabs and star fish go and hide somewhere deep in the sea so that this particular annoying factory doesn’t spot them.


The Wave Surfer

Now all is good if you are enjoying..well for yourself. But, then you start doing these tricks and start bragging to attract women and well you start to look foolish right there and then.


The Treasure Hunter

Then the one who will keep bumping into you to find that perfect shell.. And these people compete and often it turns into an ugly fight for the best shell.


The book of General Knowledge

Even been on a beach date with a guy who knows way too much? Like he will tell you when did the first fish get visible near this beach or when did the first shell come into existence, he will be Wikipedia and not a desirable one.


The Friendly one

The best time to be an introvert is at the beach. To connect with yourself, but these over friendly ones will make sure they find every minute detail of your life by chattering away to glory.


The clichéd one!

This person you will find at every beach. The palm tree shirt or fluorescent swim wear with a cool cocktail in their hand, walking in glares trying to basically attract everyone’s attention.


Here was our list of 10 worst people that you’ll find at the beach, let us know if you relate!