10 Trekking Trails around Bangalore You Shouldn’t Miss

10 Trekking Trails around Bangalore You Shouldn’t Miss

Staying as an expat in Bangalore surely has its own benefits, and for an adventure seeker such as me, Bangalore has always kept me on my feet.

Today I would like to show you the top 10 trekking trails around Bangalore I have personally been too and experienced.

Please read on and be well informed for the same, you never know when you would want to take that much needed break from the daily mundane activities and bask in the arms of nature.


The famous Savanadurga Trek

When you reach Magadi, you would come across a monolith, big and large. This is Savana Durga that rises to a height of 4050ft above the sea. At this place you would find a conglomeration of two huge hills, the Billigudda and the Karigudda hills. The two of them have a valley in between as a separation, Ramanagar, which is very popular amongst those who want to go trekking in Bangalore. You could even participate in other adventure sport activities such as rappelling and rock climbing as well. Towards the top you would find the famous fortress built by his highness Kempegowda II. From Bangalore you can drive down sixty kilometers to reach this spot and from Magadi it is eleven kilometers.


Don’t miss the trekking in Bangalore experience at Anthargange

The experience of thrills and excitement at Kolar, which is sixty kilometers from Bangalore, begins when you trek at Anathargange. You don’t have to be a seasoned trekker to enjoy this spot, and if you want to do other fun and adventurous activities, rock climbing or overnight camping can be arranged. Challenge your adrenaline to a forty minute up hill climb, a climb that would leave you in the arms of spellbound flora and fauna beauty, with breathtaking panoramic views of the green plateau above.


Go on the Ramdevara Betta, Revana Siddeshwara Betta Trek

Once again this trekking in Bangalore experience took me sixty kilometers away from the city. It is on the famous Mysore highway very close to Ramanagar town. For trekking, I would suggest heading towards Ramdevara Betta, and if you desire to go rock climbing here, be ready for your wishes to be fulfilled.  3060ft above the sea is the famous of all seven hills around, the Revanasiddeshwara Betta. This spot is an excellent place for those who would like to trek and rappel.


Come along and experience the Mekedatu, Karighatta Trek

I learnt about a legend that goes around here where the river gets so narrow at a point that one can jump across to the other side, and this place is named Mekedatu, which is almost hundred kilometers away from the city of Bangalore. You would travel on the famous Mysore road travelling through Srirangapatnam. The adventure activities in this place would be kayaking in the waters of the river Kaveri through Sangma. And for trekking you could always go to the famous Karighatta hill which is 2697ft above the sea, a stones throw away from Srirangapatnam.


Try the Anthargange Adventure trek

Sixty five kilometers away from the city life, in the arms of dense forests and rugged terrains, lies the Anthargange. Based in Kolar, the range is known as the “Ganges from deep” because the water flow underground is incessant and flows to the shrine’s pond located on top of the hills peak. This is a perfect place to trek and conduct night camping activities.


The amazing Kaivara Adventure

I drove with friends for eight kilometers away from the city on NH7 and reached Kaivara. This is a place according to legends deep rooted in mythical battles; a battle to name would be the one where the demon Bakasura was killed by Bheema, interesting as the story is the place is more enthralling. Trekking places around Bangalore, such as these only makes you more excited.


Don’t miss out on the Huliyur Durga, Hemagiri Betta, Kumbhi Betta trek

If you love dense lush forests, rocky terrains, and exploring an old fortress, you have to be at this region, Huliyur Durga. This rocky strewn place is 3800ft above sea levels and one of the highest hills for trekking and jeep safari tours to visit would be the Hemagiri Betta. You could also visit the Kumbhi Betta, which is smaller and is alongside the Kempegowda fortress. To reach this place I drove around eighty kilometers from Bangalore.


Join the gang on the Skandagiri Adventure

Chikkalballapur is seventy five kilometers away from the city, and at the same spot you come across Skandagiri. There are many trekking in Bangalore expeditions that come here, and they start out at Papagni temple which is at Kalwara and go to the top in four hours. Moonlight trekking and camping is a hit over here, and be here between November to January to enjoy the breathtaking scene by night.


Check out the famous Ranganatha Swamy Betta Trek

Quite close to the famous Konavaradoddi hamlet and forty kilometers or so, away from Bangalore, there is a place which has a temple honoring Lord Ranganathaswamy. Trekking expeditions here last on a stretch of four kilometers and climb the mountain peak around. The peak has exotic flora and fauna on its trails and you would also spot wildlife basking in all its glory. Jeep safari tours to the temples and the villages around are done as well.


And finally, don’t miss the Honnemaradu Adventure

If you have a day or two in hand, join the gang on the Honnemaradu trek, which begins at a place called Talaguppa. This is a small town on the well known Liganamakki dam, in Shimoga. From Sagar it is around 25kms and on the way you would encounter the breathtaking view of the mighty famous Jog Falls. Trekking here is a pleasure, so is sight seeing, camping and nature spotting as well.


So there you go folks, my take on the top 10 trekking trails I have been through over the 3 years I have been in Bangalore.


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