10 Travel Products You Need For Your Next Trip

10 Travel Products You Need For Your Next Trip

One exciting journey involves several little details that ultimately make or break a trip. We normally think that only the destination selection and flight booking are the sub-tasks. But that’s not true!
In-between deciding on a destination and actually leaving comes a major task that may prime your trip for success or failure...
You’re not going to a new country for just a few hours that you will manage even if you forget a few things behind. It’s going to be a journey of days or even months, hence always pack essentials before anything else. Whether you’re on a business tour or a thrilling trip, there are always some essential items that will make your home-away experience convenient.

Here is the list of 10 travel products that will surely help you throughout your journey:

1. External Travel Battery Charger

Being on a continuous move, your smartphone may die any moment! But don’t let that happen because this small device is your travel guide in alien countries. From routes to language translation to emergency calls, your mobile phone does it all! So, to keep it charged 24/7, take an external travel battery charger with you as finding energy plugs everywhere is not possible.

2. Eye Mask

One fact about travelling is that you don’t get enough hours to sleep. You get up early in the morning to witness the mesmerising sunrise and spend the whole day sightseeing because you have to see the whole country in a limited time. If we talk about full-time travellers, they spend half of their life in planes, trains and buses. Therefore, keep a comfy eye mask with you all the time so you can have a nap anywhere anytime. Even if you’re not sleepy, this mask will help your eyes to rest for a while.

3. Travel Neck Pillow

Just like eyes, your neck also needs some time off! Grab a super comfy and soft neck pillow and turn any chair into a first-class bed. This pillow will surely allow you some sleep while in transit.

4. Digital Camera

Pictures are the visual memories of your trip hence stop taking them with a random smartphone lens and get yourself a good digital camera. Whether you need photos for your blog or Instagram, a DSLR picture will no doubt amaze all the viewers!

5. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are fabric zipper bags that help in saving valuable space while packing all essential items. These cubes have portions and pockets that allow organised packing so you may find things easily without undoing all of your organized packing.  

6. Skincare Products

Activities like sunbathing, swimming and surfing are always on the top of every traveller’s to-do list. But don’t forget about your sensitive skin! Take lotions and sprays for external use to keep your skin protected from harmful rays of the sun.

7. Retractable Micro Lock

Your luggage is the only asset you take with you in a foreign country. So don’t trust an unreliable lock of your bag and get a retractable micro lock that cannot be breached.

8. Handbag

As you cannot take your luggage bag everywhere, take a handbag with you to keep your essential items such as passport, camera, mobile and water bottle safely with you all the time.

9. Wash Bag

This item is a must-have product for full-time travellers! A wash bag is a small device that washes clothes in 3 mins. So now you can save your laundry time and money by taking this portable wash bag everywhere with you. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a great option to check out.

10.  Towel

Last but the most important item is a towel! Although hotel services provide clean towels, I recommend taking one with you. As hygiene is important for good health, don’t take any chances! Turkish Towels are great for traveling as they are light weight and dry quickly.
So, if you’re excited about your next trip, let’s take your excitement to a whole next level and combine it with comfort by packing these all travel products first.