10 Tips To Write Creatively While Traveling

10 Tips To Write Creatively While Traveling

So, you are that lucky person, who often goes traveling.

It is you, who can get up in Milan, have a breakfast in Venice, and during only one day can go to Amsterdam by car or by plane. Every day you see various views and meet lots of different people, from the taxi driver, somewhere in Singapore to the pretty girl tour guide on the Great Wall of China. If you visit the world’s famous places, know every interesting fact about them, then you should write your travel stories, for sure.

Lots of people all over this planet live in a rush and have very little time for a vacation. They don’t want to waste their time, so they look for the best vacations. While choosing the country to visit, one goes through travel blogs and decides whether this place is worth visiting or not. You can help such people if you don’t just travel but write about your journeys, your impressions, new godsends and places to visit, exciting locals, and all the peculiarities of the land you were lucky to find.

If you don’t have much experience in writing, you can use tips offered by a professional custom writing service. After you polish your writing skills a bit, you can put them to use by engaging in creative writing while traveling and every person who chooses a destination, thanks to your travel blog, will plan their journey eagerly.


Use our most effective tips on how to write creatively while traveling:

1) Looking For the Right Place to Go

Choice of the destination in no way affects the story overall. You can go hiking to the neighboring village and describe your journey with passion as well as offer specific tips backed up by your own experience – where to live so the view from the terraces of your cottage opens to a mountain peak, or where to catch the biggest trout you’ve ever seen, or where to try the most unusual dish of the local cuisine. Or you could write dry well-known facts, million times told before you, and nobody will follow you.


2) Don’t Write Your Story Only About Yourself

Nobody wants to know how you prepared for the travel, what kind of toothpaste you put in your suitcase, and what time of departure you had. It is boring. Instead of this, better write about emotions you had while getting acquainted with new people, mention some stories about the place you are going to, etc.


3) Don’t Write Your Travel Story Chronologically

There is no need to waste your story on the facts you wouldn’t wish to read yourself. Be original; try to get the attention of your reader. Write a story you would like to read yourself.


4) Read a Lot

 Learn as much as you can about the place you go to. Learn from open sources, read famous traveling writers, like Don George and his “Travel writing” or Stanley Stewart and his traveling books, watch the reports on National Geographic channel.


5) No Clichés

Try to go with original text avoiding everyday phrases like “city of contrasts”, “new pearl”, “breathtaking views”, “virgin nature”, etc.


6) Pictures

Picture of you somewhere near the biggest baobab will be good. But if you decide to adorn your story with the picture of an aircraft wing or fluffy clouds, just forget about it. Illustrate your travel writing with mad and incredible photos of the most interesting and unexpected places, locations, and people. For example, kite surfing near a dozen of white sharks is a great idea for a picture.


7) Write Useful Information For Your Readers 

If you know the best, the cheapest, and the safest way to cross the Sahara desert or the best model of snowboard to use for the green rider, then share this information with your readers. Such tips are invaluable and help to save time, nerves, and often the budget of the journey. But write only about things you tried yourself.


8) Write From the First Person

Make your story personalized. If you travel with a company of people, then introduce your friends to the readers. Let your reader become your friend and feel every emotion from the adventure with you.


9) Quote

While traveling, you meet a lot of locals. These people have different personalities, life stories, and feelings. Sometimes, they share their experiences and you can show pieces of their lives using their stories or quotes. Write about them, describe them accurately, giving the color of the places you visited.


10) Get New Skills and Write About It

Always try to learn something new. If you get an opportunity to try how the Bedouins live in the mountains or people in Nepal earn money grazing yaks, then don’t hesitate to use this opportunity, try it. Try everything yourself and then tell about it in your traveling blog.


Now you know a lot about creative traveling writing and can use our advice to make your travel blog get many followers.

Perhaps, it will be your stories which will inspire us for a future incredible journey.