10 of the Tastiest Dishes From Around the World

10 of the Tastiest Dishes From Around the World

When you travel in another country, you must definitely try the traditional cuisine for a wonderful experience.

These dishes are part of a country’s identity and, they are an essential way of interacting with other cultures. It doesn’t matter if you try them at a fancy restaurant or the local store, as long as they are prepared with passion and provide you the best feelings. 

Later you can also track down the recipe, arm yourself with the best cooking tools and try to recreate the taste from another country.


Here are 10 of the most tasty traditional dishes that you just have to try:

Quesadilla, Mexico

This dish has its origins in colonial Mexico and has changed over the years as people often modified the recipe, trying to add more taste. Quesadilla is a tortilla filled with cheese, meat, beans, chili pepper, avocado and then grilled.


Kebab, Turkey

Dating from the 18th century, this dish is known by everyone across the world. The meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie and is sliced vertically into thin slices as it cooks. It may be served on a plate with various seasonings or just stuffed into any type of bread as a sandwich. It contains salad, vegetables like cabbage, tomato, lettuce, onion, chili and various types of sauces.


Paella, Spain

Paella is a traditional dish with its origin in Valencia. You can try various forms of the dish according to your personal taste. You can choose from vegetarian paella, seafood paella or valencian paella. The original contains white rice, green beans, meat, rabbit or chicken, white beans, snails all cooked with olive oil.


Yorkshire Pudding, England

Named after England’s remarkable county, puddings originally served as dishes before the main course. It’s a national symbol made from batter, consisting of flour, eggs or milk. Today, it’s served with beef and is part of the traditional Sunday roast which contains roast potato and meat, sausages, vegetables and gravy.


Pot-eu-feu, France

It was originally a rustic dish that was stewed all winter and topped up as needed. This meal is a warming and tasty dish of root vegetables, stewing steak and spices. Traditionally, the broth is served first by cooks with nutmeg spread on toasted bread. The meat and vegetables are served with horseradish sauce, strong mustard and salt.


Donuts, United States

These all-American fried wheels of dough don’t need any introduction as they are widely known all around the world, mostly because of police officers. This dessert is popular in many countries and prepared in different forms: ring doughnut and filled doughnut. The second one is injected with cream, custard, fruit preserves or other sweet fillings that are just delicious. Once doughnuts have been fried, they can be glazed with sugar icing and spread with chocolate.


Wiener Schnitzel, Austria

Served fresh and made with the finest ingredients, this simple dish is considered Austria’s food ambassador, despite the dish’s Italian origins. You can eat this with lemon slices, potato salad, cucumber salad or parsley potatoes. Currently, it is served with rice, roasted potatoes or fries. Whichever seasoning you choose, you will be delighted by this national dish.


Sushi, Japan

Sushi is a dish served mainly with rice and combined with various ingredients such as vegetables, seafood or even tropical fruits. There are many styles of sushi and, its presentation vary widely, but the key ingredient remains the rice. Sushi can be prepared with either white/brown rice or raw seafood. It is often served with wasabi, soy sauce or pickled ginger.


Pizza, Italy

We have all heard of pizza and definitely have eaten one in our lifetime, but nothing compares to the traditional taste found in Italy. Made from a flatbread topped with tomato sauce, cheese and other toppings you can add, pizza is the most known dish in the world. As you may know, there are many variations of pizza, each of them with mostly different ingredients. This is the reason why pizza became a universal meal.


Massaman Curry, Thailand

Called the king of curries, this dish is spicy, savory, sweet and coconutty, all in just one taste. Its fantastic combination of flavors such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and mace provide you with a great taste of the Thai cuisine. Due to its Muslim roots, this curry is commonly made with chicken, but there are many variations of the dish by using goat, beef, duck or even pork.