10 Reasons for Visiting Indian National Parks in Summer

10 Reasons for Visiting Indian National Parks in Summer

Summer is the season when flowers are in full bloom, birds are chirping and the sun is shining, then isn’t it a right time to make a trip with your friends and family to a nature’s place?

The season allows exploring the world and enjoying the beautiful destinations at fullest.

National Parks are one of the best choices of vacations to get pleasure from holidays with dear ones. Wildlife trips in summer have everything from wildlife safari to a wonderful stay in the jungle resorts to rejuvenate positive energy and helps to create mesmerizing memories for life time. Animals and birds also enjoy the summer season like humans and give a bonny look to national parks which is quite pleasing for the eyes of visitors.


Get a brief about ten major reasons to visit national parks in summer:

The Scenery

World’s best picturesque scenes and natural wonders can be seen in national parks only. Variant flora and fauna at these national parks bring an awesome and magnificent view for the visitors and the best time to see both is summer when all the wild flowers are blooming and spreading the fragrance all across.


The Wildlife

Summer is the season when the maximum wildlife of national parks can be seen. Animal lovers can get the fruition results of their effort by getting a direct view of animals near the pond or rivers of the jungle.



Wildlife tour packages are quite economical as one need to pay the entrance fee and can explore the park whole day to enjoy other wildlife activities without any extra payment. You can scrimp on spending especially in summers with seasonal offers on summer vacations.


The weather

Weather is the most important reason to visit national parks in summer as it gives a lot of favorable time to roam freely in parks and take the maximum benefit of viewing wildlife.


The hiking

The maximum period of daylight makes wildlife safari much more comfortable and smooth. The national park trail system allows many opportunities to enjoy walk in the park and have intimacy with the nature.  There are different options of trailing available in the season by the national park authorities.



The water is pretty cool but not frozen and have more dramatic run off. Travelers of wildlife can enjoy the natural beauty with running water and take a refreshing dip into it.


Seasonal Packages

In summers one may get many options of seasonal packages which can make the trip more enjoyable and exciting with different offers on trip.


Ranger-led programs

Wildlife tour package offer varied ranger-led programs in which there is wide variety of activities for park visitors from hikes to wildlife viewing etc.


Blooming Flowers

During spring season, one can find the great ranges of flowers to flourish the landscape in a more dramatic and impressive way.  All the area is filled with beautiful colors of flowers and you can witness greenery in the vicinity of the national parks during this season.


Baby Animals

Get the pleasure of viewing your favorite baby animals exploring their surroundings. You can also get the opportunity to witness new born baby animals learning life lessons by themselves or their parent.


Vacation with family does not need any reasons but our tips have given enough to plan a trip without any hazards and make unforgettable memories at sanctuaries and National Parks in India.


Travel tip shared by Anshul Traveler