10 Reasons to Spend Your Vacation in Canada

10 Reasons to Spend Your Vacation in Canada


Have you ever set foot on a glacier or gazed up at a surreal night sky? Travel to Canada and experience this and so much more.

As a vacation destination, Canada offers loads of sights to see and things to do, some of which are unlikely to be experienced anywhere else in the world. The country's rugged snow covered mountain peaks, pristine lakes and forests, charming townships, glacier valleys and untouched wilderness are just some of experiences that will leave you speechless. 

Form the moment you arrive in Canada, you'll be mesmerized by the diverse beauty of the country.


Here are 10 reasons why Canada should be your next vacation destination:

1. Amazing Canadian Rockies

The magnificent stretch of the mighty Canadian rockies that runs from British Columbia to Alberta represents nature's serene beauty at its best. The jagged snowy mountain peaks slowly ascend into verdant forests and finally dissolve into pristine lakes. This mountainous stretch has five beautiful national parks cocooned in it, including Banff, Jasper, Kooteney, Yoho and Waterton, all of which are scenic havens for nature and adventure lovers and offer the perfect playground for mountain sports.


2. Rail Vacations

Canada's unspoilt landscapes contain massive mountain ranges, snow peaks, pine forests, glaciers and crystal clear lakes, which are scattered throughout the region . A rail vacation is the perfect way to witness all of Canada's gorgeous panoramas in one trip.  Train travel in canada can be custom-made for scenic journeys  and it provides luxurious service and hospitality throughout the trip. These trains offer unrivalled views of Canada’s diverse landscapes.


3. Niagara Falls

The mighty Niagara Falls is extensively portrayed as a major attraction in the USA; however, it's actually the Canadian side of the Falls that steals the show. The prime section of Niagara Fall’s immense beauty lies in Canada with the major expanse of the waterfall known as Horse Shoe Falls being located in Ontario.  Visit this thunderous wonder of nature by day and experience its sheer magnificence by taking a cruise right up to its base or book a helicopter ride to get an aerial panoramic view the falls. Adventure seekers can also opt for a thrilling jet boat ride near the falls. Come back later in the evening to enjoy the cool misty breeze and explore other activities and events held here until it's time to witness a beautiful illuminated Niagara Falls beneath a vivid sky lit up with colorful fireworks.


4. Scenic Drives

In Canada, life is best experienced on the highway. Canada has some of the best scenic roadways in the world and taking a road trip is an excellent way to enjoy the country’s dramatic landscapes. You can literally head off into the sunset by just renting a car and driving along the scenic routes.  This is nice because you can stop at places where you would like to spend time and move on with your journey at your own pace. The Pacific Rim Highway, Trans – Canada Highway, and Sea to Sky Highway are a few of the famous routes that you can choose for a scenic roadway adventure.


5. Quaint European Towns

Though Canada is located on the North American continent, it's heavily influenced by European culture. Step into one such town in Canada and you can get a glimpse into French culture, heritage and lifestyle. Being set amidst strikingly beautiful nature, these heritage towns exude the ambience of fairy tale like settings. Explore the fascinating French-style towns of Beaumont, Old Quebec, Goderich and Legal, which all reflect French heritage through their architecture. It's lovely to stroll through these towns, as they have relatively small populations making them less crowded than other major Canadian cities.


6. 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Canada’s promise to provide diversity and richness in natural and cultural beauty can be seen in its fantastic collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The status of being a UNESCO site honors guarantees priceless beauty that is conserved and protected for travellers to experience throughout time. Canada's UNESCO sites are mostly located on the Eastern Coast of the nation. Canada's list of World Heritage Sites consists of premier national parks, glacier sites and picturesque towns, all of which portray nature's abundant beauty. A trip consisting only these 16 places in and of themselves could make an ideal Canadian getaway.


7. Glacier National Park

A sight unmatched by any other destination in the world - an excursion to Glacier National Park in Canada will leave you spellbound. The rugged snow covered mountain cliffs melting into emerald lakes is something you will remember for a lifetime. The national park is teeming with spectacular hiking trails and mountain trekking, and offers a stunning blend of alpine landscapes, ice glaciers and verdant forests.


8. The Northern Lights

Among the many sights and places to visit in Canada, the Northern Lights stand out as a must-see experience. The breathtaking sight of the sky as it shifts from its monotonous black night into surreal swatches of color is an ethereal spectacle to witness. Nature's phenomenal light show allures globetrotters from around the world.  A few places in Canada where you can catch this outlandish show include Whitehorse – Yukon, Saskatchewan, Mucho Lake Provincial Park – British Columbia, Fort McMurray – Alberta and Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories.


9. Vineyards

For those visiting Canada, it often comes as a surprise to know that Canada is a wine producing region.  In fact, there are around 25 vineyards scattered along the outskirts of Niagara Falls. The ideal climate of the countryside is ideal for vineyard cultivation, hence you can find multitudes of wineries scattered all over in Canada. Head to the Niagara Region, Okanagan Valley, Nova Scotia or Vancouver to enjoy wine tasting tours and to bask in the countryside ambience while sipping on an exquisite selection of wine.


10. Outdoor Adventures and Annual Events

Canada’s expanse of scenic landscapes makes it a perfect playground for numerous outdoor activities. If you are someone who prefers adventure, Canada spoils you with choices. From extreme glacier hiking, mountain trekking, and skiing to water sports such as kayaking, jet boating and river rafting, the thrill seeker in you can have a great time exploring the unexplored. For those who like being pampered by nature, Canada also has beautiful walking trails and camping sites. Canada is also a destination where every new day allows you to witness something inspiring. An ardent art and cultural hub of the world, Canada keeps itself vibrant and lively with a variety of cultural and art events held through out the year. You can always catch a live musical concert, an art workshop or a sport event held all over the country during your Canadian vacation.


An outstanding blend of nature’s finest elements, the era of yesterday combined with the present generation are what makes Canada so diverse and appealing. Though there are many reasons to visit Canada, what makes the destination most captivating is its unspoilt natural scenery.

Travelling to Canada is easy, just make sure you comply with Canada's travel requirements. A valid passport and visa may be essential to visit Canada. Many countries are visa-exempt; however, if your nationality does not fall under this category, you will need to apply for a visitor's visa before entering the country.

Once your visa has been finalized (if needed), the rest of your vacation planning is effortless... all you need to do is shortlist your list of must-see attractions, find the most suitable tour package for your trip (unless you're going to travel independently) and then get in touch with a tour operator to help you with your vacation accommodation and transfers.

Whether you are travelling solo, as a couple, with family or as a group of friends, Canada spoils you with its vast collection of experiences that  you will always feel enthusiastic throughout your Canadian holiday.