10 Reasons to Love London

10 Reasons to Love London

London is a really amazing city and there are numerous reasons to love it. The city is all-inclusive and there's truly something for everyone.

Reasons to Love London

1. It's Enormous

The city is a great place to explore. It's enormous, meaning that you'll never run out of things to do. You'll never be bored in London.


2. It's Cosmopolitan

In London, you'll see people from all corners of the universe. On top of human diversity, you'll also find food from all corners of the world.  On top of this, you can also find every type of movie, clothing, and design.


3. It's an Example of Creativity at its Best

London is creative. There's artwork composed by a variety of different artists, whether it be displayed in a gallery or as street art.  There are also musical concerts ranging from classical to modern.  The art of fiction writing has also gained prominance here, with the likes of works such as Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes.


4. It's Musical

As I said before, London is a city of arts and culture, especially when it comes to music. There are even some musical concerts that you can attend for free. Look for street shows as you are browsing the city's streets.


5. It has a Great Nightlife

London has an incredible nightlife scene. You can enjoy a city tour at night... sometimes they're even better than the ones that run during the day. There are many concerts that take place in the night. There are also some streets shows that take place in the night. There are some of the best pop-up bars and restaurants that are open till midnight. There are also many nightclubs all over London. 


6. It has an Authentic Food Scene

London is a land of delcious cuisine. Here you can enjoy a great variety of food. From Chinese to Mongolian and Indian to Mexican, you can taste almost every type of cuisine. You can also enjoy some of the best street food here. You can also try different types of afternoon tea here. There are many bars with a great variety of wines, cocktails and other drinks to enjoy.


7. It has a Thriving Sports Scene

London is also great for all kinds of sports. The city doesn't just concentrate on football, it also caters to a variety of other sports. Wembley Stadium hosts national football matches as well as NFL games that sale a whole stadium out with more than 90,000 seats.

The 2012 Olympics have also left a permanent mark on the city. At Stratford you can also try swimming. You can also spend your day watching tennis at Wimbledon or trying to understand cricket rules at Lord’s.


8. It has a Royal Heritage

For all of its modernity, London has a traditional background. You can take a walk around the royal mall, which is a famous three-lane road that leads up to the famous Buckingham Palace. Here you can see all the spectacle and ceremony of British tradition when watching the changing of the guard. You can take a walk from Buckingham Palace, head to Hyde Park and then finally reach to Kensington Palace to have a look at Princess Charlotte, Prince George and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


9. It is Possible to Visit on a Budget

There are many attractions in the city which are free of charge. Many London hotels offer packages and deals to make your stay more economical. In this way you can make your London trip cost-effective. 

You can use the underground Tube to save time and money on transportation. A London pass will also help you save money. Not only will it make tube travel cheaper, but it will also get you free entry to many of the well-known attractions in the city. 


10. It's Full of Green Beauty 

London is a beautiful city and there are many stunning parks in and amongst its concrete structures. Hyde Park is one of the best parks in the city. The city is also home to many swimming pools, zoos and the outdoor theatres. You can also cycle through Holland Park and go to Kyoto Gardens to relax. Greenwich Park is where you can see the skyline and take some picture-perfect snaps.