10 Not-So-Famous but Fabulous Streets Of The World

10 Not-So-Famous but Fabulous Streets Of The World

There are cities across the globe that are alive and happening.

There are hardly any corners left that people have not flocked to and bragged about in their travel stories. So if you wish to visit a street that many of your friends might not be aware of, it can be quite a task. But why bother when we are around?

We give you a list of ten not-so-famous streets and places of the world where you can be the first of your pals to click that rare selfie. Read on to make your plans.


10 Fabulous Streets of the World:

Calle Flassaders: Barcelona

When going through the busy streets of this city one may not realise there are pockets in town that still can make for a nice peaceful walk accompanied with some shopping. This is a picturesque meandering alley that’s ideal to take a break from the rush.


Xuetang Lu: Beijing

The most important city of the most populated nation surprisingly has this corner that is so beautiful and calm. During the time of fall the beautiful trees around carpet the area with spade shaped yellow leaves making the place flaunt its true charm.


William J. Day Boulevard: Boston

Take a little rest if you are running too much and come here to chat with your buddy or walk solo in introspection. Your walk by the beaches will take you straight to Fort Independence for a pretty sight.


North Alta Vista Terrace: Chicago

The busy city of Chicago can at times make you sweat in spite of being the breezy city. So if you plan to take time out and catch the breeze, then come take a walk amidst this first ever historic district of the region.


Marylebone Lane:  London

Maybe you have gotten tired of the modern feel of the city of London as you travel. We can advise you to take a detour to this lane for an appealing time amid unique shops and a bohemian feel.


Downtown Container Park: Las Vegas

When you think of this trip the whole concept is to check in to the cheapest hotel in Las Vegas and make your way to the casinos and evening fun. But the city is open to a lot more experiences. Just off downtown visit this interesting shopping arcade set up in shipping containers. You sure will love this one.


Chung King Road: Los Angeles

Inside the ever colourful China town is this interesting art district. Culture and art enthusiasts can take a stroll here to find some intrigue for themselves. In the evening time you can also take a guided tour around the area.


Stable Road - Maui

There are times when all you need to feel good about life is to listen to the continuous sound of splashing waves. This road in the city will make you absolutely do that in peace by the beach.


Macondry Lane: San Francisco

If you are in mood for a little hike head towards this place at once when you are in San Francisco. The walk uphill will definitely fill you with some positivity in mind. Surrounded by private residences it makes for a nice time killer.


Omoide Yokocho - Tokyo

This is one city in Japan that stands for everything futuristic. So if the steely glaze of tomorrow tires you out then head here to find an amazingly lively street. Full of small eateries and pubs with very few people to accommodate, this place still has a lot to offer.


So now you know where to go for that little slice of peace in your favourite big cities. Maybe next time you are there share a unique story of your experience with us.